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According to the latest HHS (The United States Department of Health and Human Services) data, it is the parasites in the human body that cause the majority of fatal diseases. Starting from hepatitis and stomach ulcers, ending with cancer tumors. Every year, 15 million people die because of parasites, and the scale of infection is such that parasites live inside almost every person

Today, we will talk about this with the head of the US Institute of Parasitology Cameron Miller Jr.

 Cameron Miller Jr., good day! How true is HHS data on parasitic infection?

— A couple of years ago, the medical community believed that parasites weaken human immunity to the minimum level, but nobody thought thety are the key cause of the majority of diseases. Now, with the accumulation of statistics and research that started in this direction, it becomes clear that it is the infection with parasites that leads to fatal results in almost all serious diseases humans have.

I personally trust HHS statistics and I can say that it is confirmed by the research of our institute. About 92% of human deaths are caused by infestation by parasites. And this is not only deaths from diseases. The vast majority of so-called “natural deaths” are the consequences of the parasite activity inside people’s bodies.

— People usually mean banal helminths or worms when talking about parasites. How can they lead to the death of a person?

— In fact, it is a big mistake to believe that the parasites of a person are exclusively helminths or worms. There is a huge number of different parasites living in different organs. And leading to a variety of consequences. Yes, and to be precise, worms are very dangerous. They literally destroy the intestines, causing it to rot and, ultimately, to die. By the way, even helminths are quite difficult to detect and destroy.

Moreover, there are thousands of parasites that can live in your liver, brain, lungs, blood, stomach. And almost all of them are deadly. Some of them immediately begin to act aggressively and destroy the body. Others live quietly in your body, until their number becomes so big that the organism can no longer withstand them and the person dies.

At the same time, I can confidently say that almost everything is infected with parasites. Besides, most of them are extremely difficult to detect. And when the effects of parasite infection appear, doctors try to treat the person. This can be followed by surgeries and special tests to detect parasites in the body.

There are thousands of parasites that can live in your liver, brain, lungs, blood, stomach. And almost all of them are deadly.

 Can you give any specific examples of infections with parasites?

— I can tell you hundreds of cases. But, perhaps, I will focus on those that will most clearly demonstrate the danger of parasites.

First, as it turned out, some tapeworms can cause cancer. Moreover, it is not the man himself who is formally infected, but the worms. But their malignant cells spread throughout the body, infecting the human organism. This happens when the larvae of the worm enter the human lymph nodes from the intestines. As a result, they turn into cancerous tumors, rapidly infecting a person. Death comes literally in a matter of months. Just that week, such case of human death from such tumors was recorded.

In the center of this photo: a malignant tumor cell transmitted to a person from a parasite worm

Another common case is infection by the parasites of the human brain. This leads to neurosis, fatigue, excessive excitability and drastic mood swings. And at a later stage, as the brain is filled with parasites, more serious diseases develop, which ultimately lead to death.We are conducting a photographic archive of the autopsies, where parasites were found in the organs. Here are a few photos, but I warn you, they are terrible.

The third example is the parasitic infection of the human heart. It is believed that this is a very common disease. But in fact, heartworms are present in about 23% of people in some quantity. That is, in fact, every fourth. At an early stage, they are completely invisible, their effect on the body is reduced to zero. But the longer time passes, the stronger the activity of worms in the human heart. They become the primary cause of many heart diseases, and if we talk about sudden death due to cardiac arrest, then the share of these parasites accounts for almost 100% of such cases.

— What is more dangerous infection with parasites?

In men, parasites cause: prostatitis, impotence, adenoma, cystitis, sand, stones in the kidneys and bladder. In women: pain and inflammation of the ovaries. Fibroma, fibroids, fibrocystic mastopathy, inflammation of the adrenal glands, bladder and kidneys develop. And, of course, premature aging of the skin occurs, wrinkles, bags under the eyes, warts and papillomas appear on the face and body

— How to protect yourself from parasites? Are there any tests, medications?

— Unfortunately, it can be stated that today there are no really accurate tools for diagnosing parasites inside a person. In part, this is due to the presence of a huge number of species of parasites (more than 2000 species, of which we are aware), and in part, with an extremely high level of difficulty in detecting them. The procedure for a complete analysis of parasites in Nigeria is available in literally several places and costs a fortune.

The first symptoms, according to which it can be said that parasites live in your body, are:

  • Unpleasant smell from the mouth;
  • Allergy (rash, watery eyes, runny nose);
  • Rash and redness on the skin;
  • Frequent colds, sore throat, nasal congestion;
  • Chronic fatigue (you get tired quickly, whatever you do);
  • Frequent headaches;
  • Constipation or diarrhea;
  • Pain in the joints and muscles;
  • Nervousness, disturbed sleep and appetite;
  • Dark circles, bags under the eyes.

If there is at least one of the symptoms – with a probability of 99% it can be said that you have parasites in your body. And they need to urgently fight!

If we talk about drugs, then everything is problematic. To date, there is only one single development that allows you to get rid of parasites.

— What kind of development is this and by whom is it created – can you tell us more?

DETOX360, which was created with the participation of our Institute of Parasitology and a group of independent young scientists. In parallel, we were engaged in work on two dozen parasite funds. But in the process of development it was revealed that it is “DETOX360” that effectively eliminates parasites from the body.

DETOX360 is a unique dietary supplement with a natural formula of silicon dioxide and microcrystalline cellulose (MCC). Today, it really is the only effective formula.In the West, people are ready to buy DETOX360at almost any price.

Moreover, the selling DETOX360 in the West is ten times more expensive than selling it in Nigeria as the fabric is located in Europe, Ukraine and it’s much cheaper to ship it to Nigeria than to USA.

— Why is DETOX360 so good? Is it any different from other options for cleaning the body from parasites?

— As I said, today it is the only working tool for cleaning the body from parasites. That is why it is being chased by international pharmacy chains and pharmaceutical companies. Compared with other antiparasitic drugs, this tool works immediately against the entire spectrum of parasites that people can be infected with. I have already said above that it is almost impossible to understand what kind of parasites a person is infected with. And DETOX360 destroys and sweeps out parasites from anywhere in the body – from the colon and the intestines to the liver and intestines. None of the existing drugs are capable of this anymore.

In addition, it is not a chemical medicine, but a completely natural product that excludes an allergic reaction, an imbalance of the intestines and other problems arising from the treatment with classic tablets, which in addition to the result also burden the body, causing it to process a lot of various chemical compounds.These are the official results of the study of the drug DETOX360 at Emeri Institutу

1.The effectiveness of DETOX360, calculated by the standard method (the number of patients who recovered to the total number of patients in a group of 100 people undergoing treatment) was:

– Elimination of helminthiasis and eggs – 100%
– Normalization of functions and the state of the pancreas – 80%.
– Elimination of allergic dermatitis – 90%.
– Elimination of gastritis, ulcers, diarrhea – 90%.
– Elimination of anemia – 100%.
– Elimination of bad breath – 100%.
Recovery in this case refers to the disposal of parasites and associated diseases, as well as the absence of relapse within 6 months

2.Undesirable side effects, including allergic reactions were not detected.

3. DETOX360 is recognized as the leading drug in the fight against parasites in the human body.

Oh, there is also one thing I forgot to mention. Detoxing is the key to losing excess weight. Along with diseases, parasites & toxins slow down and distort all processes in the body including weight loss processes. They don’t let useful substances be absorbed causing even more intensive craving for food. Unlike other detox products, DETOX360 removes not only parasites, but toxins too and has impressive weight loss effect. So it’s 3 in 1!

— I think our readers will be interested to hear about where to purchase DETOX360?

— At the moment, DETOX360 is available for order only on the official website. We have tried many times to negotiate with pharmacy chains, but they want to set the highest possible mark-up on DETOX360 and sell several times more expensive than we want. You see, the Institute of Parasitology is a non-profit structure. And we have no goal to earn. We just want to provide the entire population with this tool. Therefore, we sell it at a loss, compensating for the difference due to its export. And the main goal of pharmacy chains is to make money. Therefore, we have radically different approaches to pricing.

I hope that over time we will be able to negotiate, and DETOX360 will be sold at the same price in pharmacy chains. In the meantime, it can only be ordered online on the site. We tried to do everything conveniently and simply – the tool is delivered by courier, and payment occurs only after receipt and verification. No extra gestures are needed.

— Cameron Miller Jr., maybe you want to say something to our readers before we finish the interview?

— The only thing I want to say – take care of your health. You may not suspect this, but inside you with a probability of 97-98% live parasites. They can be anywhere – in the blood, intestines, lungs, heart, brain. Parasites literally devour you from the inside, at the same time poisoning the body. As a result, there are numerous health problems that shorten life by 15-25 years. This is not to talk about the problem of sudden deaths, which are also usually associated with the effects of parasites on the human body.

Currently, the original drug DETOX360 can be ordered through the official website.

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