My nasty experience with a sex hungry fan – Nollywood actor Seun Kentebe

Stage and screen actor, Seun Kentebe, rose to the limelight starring in movies such as ‘Ebola’, ’93 Days’ and ‘Purgatory’. In this interview with OGHALE OZORE, the Business Administration graduate of the University of Lagos and the CEO of Esskent Productions explains how he got into acting, his staying power and how he manages the home-front. Excerpts

How would you describe yourself?

I am an ambivert. There are days I’m the life of the party and other days I just want to be indoors.

 Tell us a bit about your background

I come from a family of 13 children. My late father, Rtd. commodore Edwin Oyinkebibi Kentebe, was an Ijaw man and my mother, T.O.Kentebe, is Yoruba. My siblings and I get along nicely. The unique thing about us is we don’t refer to each other as ‘half brothers or sisters’ because that’s not how we see ourselves.

Nursery/primary school was Santa Maria Private School, secondary schools were Eric Moore High school, St Gregory’s College and Government College, Victoria Island while university was UNILAG (University of Lagos) where I graduated with a degree in Business Administration.

How true is it that you were once into music?

Yes, I was in a rap group initially called Sheikh and Kruel, then later became Xklusiv.

Why did you give up music for acting?

A number of reasons – school activities, acting gigs kept getting in the way, plus my rap partner and I had creative differences. I may still drop a single/album in the near future though.

When did acting start for you?

My ‘debut’ was in primary school, a play titled ‘The Incorruptible Judge.’ After that, the bug bit again during university days and my TV debut was in 2002 TV sitcom, ‘Twilight Zone.’

 Since you started acting in movies, how profitable has it been?

There are good and bad moments but the profitability comes more from appreciative fans and people who are willing to do business with me because a popular face is backed with credibility.

Any challenges so far?

The major challenge is staying relevant. Nollywood is as accommodating as it is forgetful. And with the influx of new talents, one always has to stay 10 steps ahead so as not to be easily written off. Once decision makers know you’re not only still around but doing well, the chances of being called are greater.

Who are your role models in the Nigeria movie industry?

I would say the veterans in the business because they have shown over time their ability to have staying power.

What do you think Nollywood is lacking?

Proper infrastructure, the inability to collaborate and royalties being paid to actors.

What is the craziest thing a fan has done to you?

I was once messaged by a fan who, after I responded, bombarded my inbox with her nude pictures. My pleading with her to stop didn’t work. Even telling her I was married seemed to give her more excitement as she said she would be paying me to ‘service’ her. Omo, I blocked her sharply!

How does your wife react seeing you kissing in a movie scene?

She wasn’t comfortable at the initial stage. But now, she understands the industry better. Plus, I try as much as I can to make sure I select more roles that show my range so I’m not typecast as a lover boy. My agent also helps in that regard.

Sometimes when you find women all over you at an event and your wife is around, how do you cope?

I do my best to interact, converse, take pictures, sign autograph and politely excuse myself.

How do you manage marital stress, timing of your job and your fans?

When you love what you do, striking a balance is easy. Family definitely comes first but I also have to go hustle. Stress is brought to a minimum as I make sure that I rest well when I’m free from work and I also make out time for the fans. Without them, there’s no me.

The social media was recently buzzing with rape allegations about a pastor what is your take on this issue?

There’s no smoke without fire. It’s not the first time of the pastor being accused of having illicit dealings with women. His responses and eventual actions are enough to raise eyebrows. A person who isn’t guilty wouldn’t respond the way he did. Another annoying instance is his followers who blindly defend him. This goes to show how a lot of people have been so manipulated by religion. The concept of objective reasoning is alien to them.

Any plan to produce your own movie?

Definitely! A friend, Reshayo Kasumu, and I produced a short film over a year ago called “Careless” which spoke about the adverse effect of unwanted pregnancy. We are looking to shoot another short and some feature films this year.

Are you on any project?

I’m on the set for a new project that I cannot divulge due to a Non Disclosure Agreement. But I can talk about three projects I’m currently promoting – House of Talent, a film produced by Andy Boyo, and other projects.

What can you tell us about the upcoming movie, ‘House of Talents,’ the cast, crew. In general, how was your experience?

It was a dream come true having to work with amazing industry veterans, new talents and a brilliant producer/director, Andy Boyo. It was a wholesome experience. The crew was equally amazing. Most of us still keep in touch.

Apart from movies, what other things do you do you engage in?

I’m also a scriptwriter, voice actor, model, compere and realtor.

Your advice for upcoming actors

Pray, build yourself, network, get a side hustle.

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