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5 lessons from Naira Marley’s trial

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Popular musician, Naira Marley, who was arrested by the EFCC for internet fraud also known as yahoo-yahoo, has been in the news lately for supporting internet fraud telling Nigerian youths that it’s never a crime to scam.

However, Naira Marley did not stop on social media he also went ahead dropping a new song that his currently trending titled it “Am I A Yahoo Boy

In the video, he showed how he got arrested by the police and that came to reality.

The whole thing started when he said on Instagram: “If you know about the history of slavery, you go know say, Yahoo no be crime“.

That generated controversies with several celebrities weighing in their opinions on the issue of Internet fraud.

Weeks after, Naira Marley is cooling off in Ikoyi Prison.

·        Always Mind Your Business

If Naira Marley had focused on his career and stop talking too much, this whole issue would have been averted.

 Majority of the consequences we are facing now are results of the actions or choices we’ve made in the past.

If Naira Marley had made that Yahoo statement and stopped at that, EFCC would not have come for him.

But the singer went on attacking everyone, who disagreed with him, always on Instagram live to say all sorts as regards such sensitive issue of National importance.

The singer did not stop there. He hit the studio to record a song titled “Am I A Yahoo Boy“. At this point the whole country was already aware of Naira Marley and possibilities of him being a yahoo-boy with musical talents.

In fact, most of his actions made it look like the country had no laws.

If the singer did not take the issue of Yahoo boy as personal business, he would not have been locked up in prison.

·       Never Do Anything Bad For Fame

At the beginning, Naira Marley looked like he was enjoying the fame and the attention he was getting from every of his comments on yahoo-yahoo so he feels he was above the law.

What profits Naira Marley to gain fame and lose his own freedom?

He’s been to prison, got his name tainted, embellished in the mud, got negative attention to his career. Yeah, he might pull through with this eventually and be free.

What if he had decided to mind his business and kept quiet, the moment he felt he is about to be treated like Fela, Mandela and President Kennedy who were even fighting for the right cause.

EFCC just had to utilise the whole scenario to prove a point so people won’t say they are afraid of entertainers.

Naira got the fame, got the clout, fed from the popularity of Internet fraud to his advantage. At the end of the day, it got him into trouble for him he was mentoring other Nigerian youths who wants to pay attention to him Naira Marley.

·       Don’t Listen To The Crowd

In this life, we just have to be careful about advice we take. Some are harmful, few are beneficial. Naira Marley would have learned from how other top celebrities behave, they don’t make noise even if they maybe into Yahoo-Yahoo business using their music to cover up.

·       There Are Consequences For All Our Actions

Naira Marley‘s ordeal teaches us that whatever we are going through now is as a result of the choices and actions we’ve done in the past.

If Naira Marley had focused on next big music project after having successful Marlian Concert, God knows he wouldn’t have been detained.

Whatever actions you take now, know that there are going to be consequences for it later. So, always do what is right.

Naira Marley did not only give himself bad reputation, he has jeopardized his career.

·       Never Support Internet Fraud

As a popular singer, Naira Marley would not have stood so low to take to his verified social media handles preaching to the world that internet fraud is a legit Business.

If a friend is trying to lure you into such act, you should be bold enough to say No to internet fraud because when you steal from someone is a big sin before God.

Anything you steal or take by force won’t last. Say No to evil, Say no to fraud. Avoid destroying your image before the world because you can never turn the hand of time.

If you don’t fight the law, the law won’t fight you. Nigerian youths don’t want to work anymore. They prefer keeping sleepless nights, hunting for white clients to scam while some have gone to the extent of engaging in rituals for Yahoo Plus also known as “Do Like I Say.”


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