AKB ENT News :About – Rendabbeatz – ( Oke adenrele kayode )

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“I think more than the music, the narrative is more important these days,” says Rendabbeatz  he sits at the offices of his press agency. “So one great song with an amazing narrative can get you farther than five great songs sometimes.”

When Renda B ! talks about music, his eyes light up. They dart with excitement as he runs through topics like sounds, production, trends, and innovation. These are all words that represent his life’s work of impactful music production, which has powered a generation of music in Nigeria, and is currently playing a role in its international future. Sitting at the offices, he makes a point that he rarely grants interviews. And when he does, it’s in spaces like this, in rooms and studios where his business is conducted, and his work is birthed and refined for public impact.


Oke kayode aka Renda b is a music producer that has been in the game for a decade he has been working with some artist both stars and upcoming among who are Oxygen, Adeyemi tourist, Traisey, Kudos alujonu, yungking Elias and many other artists. He prodoces Afro pop, trap and regae beats.follow him on instagram @renda b, audiomack, beatsars @rendabbeatz.

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