AKB NEWS Today : The United States have done well to have released the $311 million abacha loot -By Micheal Shote


The United States have done well to have released the $311 million abacha loot. But this gesture will be mostly appreciated by the people if…
By Michael shote.

It is a sign that the president of the United State really care about Africans contrary to what most Africans believe that he hates Africans. He really wants African leaders to be able to cater for their people and be progressive in development. but the people must feel the impact of this money in the economy, and not in the pockets of politicians and some individuals.

Corruption is what has been killing most African countries especially Nigeria and this is why most developed countries of the world as always been very careful in dealing with us. To say the fact (We have been killing ourselves by killing the economy through corruption) If the president of the United States really want to help us I think the best thing is to decide what the Nigerian government should do with this money irrespective of any noise they want to make about it. One of the key factor that develope any Nation is industrialization. This will only take it stand firmly in Nigeria if the power sector is working well. Nigeria was already on the part of development through industrialization in some years back when some foreign investors where coming to Nigeria to produce their product for example Voks wagen, Mechellen tire, Sanyo TV etc once have their production plants here Nigeria. During those years, jobs were available for almost every Nigerian who can work but because of corruption that lead to the destruction of most of working sectors which the power sector is one of the major part of , all of this companies left Nigeria for countries like Ghana and South Africa, and this is really the major cause of our economy melt down.


Youths in the rural area where food and raw materials are being produced doesn’t need to come to urban areas if there is adequate power supply and the standard of living in there villages are good.importation will be limited when most of the raw materials needed by this companies in the urban areas are produced locally.
Uses of other sources power supply by all this companies will be at a very low rate when there is adequate power supply every where in the country.
Which means that no country can grow without adequate distribution of power supply all over. My little but important advice to president Trump is this. As a UK based Nigerian I appreciate what you have done by releasing this money to Nigeria but you can help us improve our electricity supply by giving this money to General electric in the State to help give us more Megawatts of electricity at least about 25000Megawatts and the rest of the money will be paid as loan the Nigerian government.
Because am afraid if this money is giving to the Government, the masses will never feel the impact in the economy. Many funds have been released in the past that it was not judiciously spent on things it should be used for. Many of those funds where instead divarted to the personal accounts of the politicians who were in power or election campaign.
Nigeria is one those countries that should be treated like a Dependent country when they are Independent.


Since the power is the hand of the US to release or not release this looted fund, then The US should be able to decide what the Government of Nigeria should do with the money. We were not ripe for Independent when we got it most of this politicians especially the people in the parliament in Nigeria are not civilized at all they have been giving us problem over the years I wouldn’t want them to use their useless ideas and basless debates to waste this money on something unusful to Nigerians.

If The United States can help us in such mana it will save many lives by creating many to jobs to sustain the living of most Nigerian common man. Once again I want to thank president Donald Trump.




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