Alex Ekubo, Sophie Alakija others in new movie ‘Love or Quest’

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Nollywood stars, Alex Ekubo, and Sophie Alakija have featured in a new thrilling romantic movie titled ‘Love or Quest.’

‘Love or Quest’ is a new entrant movie of Toria Sample making a statement in the movie of her sick brother and poor mother.

In the movie, Sample made a decision to contest in a beauty pageant to win the star prize of several millions of Naira and change her fortune and that of her family.

‘Love or Quest’ tells the story of Mabel(Toria Sample) who works at a fashion house, had a sick brother and was looking for possible ways to cater for her poor family.

She had a boyfriend name Tony (Eddie Watson) who although was learned, happened to be a struggling automobile engineer.

Mabel, who had a flair for fashion got into a modeling contest, where she met a friend from their young days called Cynthia (Sophie Alakija). They got on well into the training and Mabel sprained her ankle.

When they were trying to rehearse and used native medication which made the sprain infected, they had to go to the hospital where she met a doctor called Andrew (Alexx Ekubo) who helped Mabel and later fell in love with her.

The starring of Eddie Watson and Sophie Alakija in the movies, who plays the role of her best friend, made the movie more interesting.

The movie which was produced by Stefano Piotti, also featured Eddie Watsons and other renowned Nollywood stars.


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