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Alibaba recalls story of being ‘bounced’ at event

Reacting to an Instagram post by Reno Omokri about some people flaunting without substance, ace comedian Alibaba has shared a story of when he was ‘bounced’ from attending an event in 2006.

According to Alibaba, the bouncers at the gate had ized him as he drove in his Opel and decided he was not posh enough to be admitted into the venue.

In the post Alibaba reacted to, Omokri had said a ‘person carrying a Louis Vuitton bag woth no money in it will not have much impact in life as the person carrying an ordinary paper bag with money in it.”

“Someone called my attention to this post, because he could relate to it,” he started.

“Many years ago, the person referenced, had an album launch. And invited me as a guest.

“At the time, 2006, I had an Opel, (@tejubabyfaceoyelakin hated that car, in spite of the fact that it took us to Ibadan and back in one piece, in the dead of the night, that year)

“Sorry, I digressed.

“The artiste had invited, many of his big name colleagues at the time. I mean BIG Artistes, whose songs were on the tip of every music enthusiast. Artistes whose Radio plays massive too

“Parked my burgundy Opel and walked to the gate. The bouncers asked for my invite. Thought I could enter with personal recognition. These ones (GuardsPlusSecurities) were not having any of that. So I stepped back, to allow some other artistes go through.

“The big artistes came in their Navigators, BMW X5, Hummer H2… with full entourage. No invites demanded. Entourage and all.

“I could see all the people come and go, as I had gone back in the car and was merely listening to “the best of U-Roy”, which was always in the car then.

“Called the artiste several times. Calls were unanswered. Then he called back. “Baba how far are you from the venue?” He demanded to know

“I have been here since. But I was bounced.


“”Them dey craze? Come in jare! (Talking to someone else, ‘Go help me bring bros Ali, those stupid security bounce am. No worry make I go bring am myself’)”. And hung up

“I saw him come through the gates, exchange words with the guards, who pointed at my car.

“Ahaaaa!!!. So they saw me. They saw me when I arrived. They had seen the car. My Opel, that Teju loved.

“‘Bros, no vex. Let’s go in. I was waiting for you make we start,” he appealed.

“No worry. I get to run, I get work. And you guys are starting late”. (I had an event for CIBN president that year, Mrs. Juliet Madueze)

“Here is my small token (Handed him a Platinum cheque of N200k) Make we see soon.’

“Let’s just say he was grateful. And when he called me today, to remind me of it and drew my attention to #Reno’s tweet, I believe he appreciated it more than I thought he did.

“I just heard today, that apart from me, the others artistes were audio (empty talk).”


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