Alibaba’s ‘Spontaneity’ holds July 6

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“You will not only be helping the person make their dreams of being a successful comedian come true, you will be helping the comedian win a car. So if you know anyone who has those comedic talents and you have been meaning to help them grow, here is the opportunity.

“July 6th (@mofedamijo’s birthday) at the Muson Centre. Audition starts at 7am. Spontaneity is in the evening from 5pm. So if you qualify from the auditions, you go on to contest with the other selected comics in the evening. Where 4 contestants will be selected.May the best men win, he said.

The comedian who recently celebrated his birthday wrote a message emphasising the need for gratitude.

“To celebrate my birthday, I will share some messages. I have been getting a lot of these kind of messages today. Gratitude will cost you nothing. If you are only grateful for and to only people who give you financial assistance, you have a poor soul.

“I cannot count how many people I have worked with in rejigging their original ideas. Including and not excluding, a movie project, fashion show, seminar, wedding, anniversary, elections and campaigns, musical concert, even church structure and administration, content creation, advert copy, brand dynamics…

Aimed at encouraging upcoming comedians, Alibaba’s ‘Spontaneity’ started four years ago.

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