Ameachi Muonagor, Monalisa Chinda, others tackle Osu in new soap

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Veteran actors Ameachi Muonagor and Monalisa Chinda have starred in an upcoming TV drama titled ‘Silent Prejudice.’

Produced by Chris Oge Kalu, the TV series is targeted at correcting the Osu caste system, a cultural belief that is popular in the South Eastern part of Nigeria.

Kalu revealed that the caste system is still active in the southeast and is a cause for alarm. According to him, that was the reason he researched it and wants to use ‘Silent Prejudice’ to sensitise the public about such culture.

Osu caste system is a tradition that subjects people or refers to some people as second class or inferior to others, and from what we know and what has been practiced over the years, it is believed that these people are referred to as Osu.

“People, who due to pressure from family or enemies, deliberately take themselves to the shrine to dedicate their lives; in fact they go to seek protection from the deity, and at that point, they are regarded as properties of the deity.

“There were those who violated the principles of the system so they are also regarded to as Osu. Some of the guiding principles are you do not marry, you cannot buy or sell from an Osu, you cannot sleep with an Osu, you don’t have the right to choice properties in your community, you cannot ascend to any leadership position in your community.”

“The angle we are taking it from is to unveil the level of hypocrisy behind this belief that our people still hold on to,” said Kalu who revealed that 13 episodes have been shot for season 1.

“We intend to move from one culture to the other because from what I’m gathering, the Yoruba also practice this culture.”


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