America-based musician launches ‘Lift Up Nigeria’


A US-based Nigerian musician, Abiodun Koya, has presented an album, ‘Lift Up Nigeria’, to the public. The event held at Intercontinental Hotel in Lagos State.

According to Koya, the song is a wake-up call to all Nigerians, especially the youths to bring to fruition the works their founding fathers started.

She said the song was given to her in a dream by God, noting that it was inspired out of the innermost desire to see Nigerians speak positively with hope, courage and pride about the nation at all times.

“’Lift up Nigeria’ is a message from God and it is for a time like this,” said Koya.

“I believe that the power of positive confessions, when activated at a national level through songs like ‘Lift Up Nigeria’ would fast track the recovery of the lost years we have had as a nation and amplify our efforts and desires as citizens to reposition the country both as the Giant of Africa in all ramifications and as the undeniably fastest developing nation in the world at large.”

She said the power does not only lie with the government, but lies more in our tongues and hearts, noting that singing is one of the effective ways of making people consciously and unconsciously make effective positive confessions.

She urged Nigerians to love themselves, work hard and create a new Nigeria for the generations unborn, adding that we should let the positive outward appearance of the country be paramount in our consciousness and be portrayed in our dealings across the globe.

“It is the responsibility of all Nigerians to ‘Lift up Nigeria’ in all aspects of our endeavors both at home and in the world at large,” she said.

“If we cannot and do not, outsiders will not glorify our country for us, hence we would have failed.”

The chairman of the occasion, Prof Pat Utomi, who was represented by a Communications Consultant, Oba Akin Fatunke, commended the song.

Her producer, Wole Oni, said the song is a good one, saying it preaches that Nigerian’s brings back positivity about the country.

“The song is about doing what you know how to do best and representing the country well anywhere you find yourself. There are good and trust worthy Nigerians and there is positivity in Nigeria. Being negative is not the best way to make it,” he said.

He urged Nigerians to do songs of quality that will last decades, rather than songs that will be hit once and die.

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