Baba Suwe Talks Tough From US


Says I’m alive, no one should wish me dead

Respite may have come the way of veteran comic actor, Babatunde Omidina, popularly known as Baba Suwe, who is currently receiving treatment in the US over his failing health but the actor, R leant, was livid over the rumour of his death that went viral on the social media platforms days back.

Popular actor and President of Theatre and Motion Pictures Association of Nigeria (TAMPAN), who led the team of actors that rallied support for the ailing actor had earlier moved to quash the rumour as he described the purported news of Baba Suwe’s death as “wicked and uncalled for.”

Baba Suwe said he was surprised that some people were wishing him dead despite his current health condition that called for prayers rather than bad wishes. The ailing actor, who R learnt would be spending about six months in the US could barely walk before he left Nigeria added that anybody who wished him dead would die in his place.

Speaking from US, the actor said he hoped to recover fast and return to the country to continue his job, adding that his health has started improving since he arrived and asked Nigerians to keep praying for him.

Speaking on the death rumour and how he received the news, Baba Suwe said it was unkind and wicked of anyone to spread news that he was dead at a time when all he needed were prayers from his fans, friends and family.

“I am surprised that people were spreading falsehood about me and I don’t know what such people stand to gain.”

“I am alive and I am getting better. No one should wish me dead because anyone who prays I die will die in my before me. I am grateful to Nigerians for their love, prayers and kindness. I would not have been in US for this treatment if not for their heart of kindness and generosity,” he said.

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