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Bosnia to release table tennis players to Nigeria

Bosnian authorities have told the BBC that two Nigerian students who say they were wrongfully deported to Bosnia from Croatia will soon be sent home, but haven’t given a specific date for their return.

The students who were attending a university table tennis championship in Croatia, say they were mistaken for illegal migrants.

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How Nigerians Were Deported To Bosnia By Croatian Police | Sahara Reporters
The intervarsity event took place between November 13 -17 in Croatia. The deportees are 18-year-old Abia Uchenna Alexandro and Eboh Kenneth Chinedu.

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According to Alexandro Abia and Kenneth Eboh, they were walking in Zagreb in mid-November, when Croatian police officers took them to a local station.

After being questioned, they say they were dropped off in a van near the border and told at gunpoint to walk to Bosnia.

They say the Croatian authorities didn’t let them return to their hotel to get their passports which showed they had valid visas.

The Croatian government has denied this, stating that the students disappeared after checking out of their hotel voluntarily.

Mr Abia and Mr Eboh say since arriving in Bosnia over three weeks ago they’ve been in two migrant camps, and describe the conditions as poor.


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