CHUKS CHIDUBE: I was a bad boy growing up

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Since the release of his song, ‘Dis Kind God’, Chuks Chidube has been low on the radar. However, Chuks is set for a comeback as he is set to release a new album. He speaks to JOE AGBRO JR on this, why his marriage has worked and other matters. Excerpts

What have you been up to after ‘Dis Kind God’?

My first album was in 1989, titled “Take Jesus to the World”. But my major breakthrough in music did not come until after 20 years. That was in 2009 when “Dis Kind God” was released. Currently, I’m working on “Open Heaven Worship”, just flows, blowing in tongues, lifting Jesus. For years I never spoke in tongues in my album until I started working on this project this year. Anyone that is a worshipper should look out for that album. It will take you into God’s presence. You will literally get lost in His presence; 44 minutes non-stop. It’s about 18 songs. Any moment from now my marketer will release “Open Heaven Worship”.

 Tell me more about yourself

I am a marriage counsellor. I am a business man, part time. I am a motivational speaker. We just opened by God’s grace Praise Channel Internet Radio and it is rated very high, among the best internet station in the world now. I’m also a part-time farmer, trying to tidy up that end. So many other things that I do. I am a Christian comedian. I’m an author. I do a couple of things, up to 15 different things. Why? I want to be able to reach out and win souls into God’s kingdom in various ways.

I grew up a bad boy. At age 14 to 15 I was already in the night club. If not for the mercy of God I don’t know if I would be alive today. So I want to give back to the kingdom. For God haven loved me this way, to deliver me, I am giving back to the kingdom by reaching out through the various gifts I have got. That is part of the reason I do various things. Also I want to be able to leverage financially. I hate to beg. I hate to borrow. For 21 years, to the glory of God, I have not been broke and I am not planning to be. My wife is active. She’s doing her own business. So we don’t beg. We don’t borrow.

For 21 years, I have been married and God has been helping us through the various things He has allowed us to do jointly as a couple and as individuals. I do several things. I’m a man of many parts.

 You just started an internet radio recently. What informed it?

To be able to lift up Jesus! Praise Channel Internet Radio lifting Jesus 247. That is our cliché. From primary school, I knew I was born to talk. It has pleased the Lord that we start with an online radio. The rating is very high already. Over time, we will have praise Channel FM scattered all over and also Praise Channel TV, all geared towards winning souls into God’s kingdom. That’s what I want to achieve through Praise Channel Internet Radio, and if my bills are paid alongside, why not?

 Would you say the gospel music industry in Nigeria is doing well?

My take is that the gospel music in Nigeria is doing well. Our CDs may not be selling like the secular CDs but the impact is high. And you can see that many secular artistes now want to add one or two songs in their collection. If we are not doing well, they will not do that.

So we are doing well. God is being glorified. Our songs are making waves across the nations of the world. Our songs are competing well with secular songs on Youtube for views. I have been to different continents. Nigerian gospel music is in the forefront among gospel music in the world. Americans, the British are looking for our songs. They are trying our beat, looking for Nigeria music content. Our songs are well produced, not like before. I own a studio. We supply American market, British market and they beat their standard. Our music is highly sought after across the world.

If you are to collaborate with any gospel artiste in your next album who will it be?

I love all styles of music and I’m an instrumentalist. I play trumpet, sax, drum, keyboard, and guitar. For now, I’m trusting God for something with Nathaniel Bassey and Tim Godfery. I’ve done a couple of collaborations before with Mike Abdul, Asu Ekiye, to mention but a few.

As a member, what is the goal of Kingdom Music Foundation?

KMF is an association of music ministers. I’m an executive. I’m the PRO of Kingdom Music Foundation (KMF). It’s a body put together to cater for the welfare of music ministers and unite us as a team, because united, we win in the music ministry. We have an opportunity to showcase our gifts and encourage upcoming artistes.

What is the major reason marriages are failing?

I have never seen in history any dispensation that we have crises in marriages like what we have now. Marriages are breaking down on a daily basis, unfortunately, even among ministers of the gospel. The number one reason I can tell you, is wrong foundation. Many marriages do not have a good foundation. Many didn’t seek the face of God.

Secondly, many are too lazy to work at the success of their marriage. I can’t give you all. Apart from music, marriage is my next heartbeat. You have to make sacrifices but these days, many are not ready to do that. There is no ready-made man or woman. You have to work what you desire from that man, from that woman. There are workable men and women. I was not like this when I got married. God has used my wife to make me a better person. I also told my wife I love you the way you are but I will not leave you the way you are. And also avoid immorality. Once you start to cheat on your spouse, you start to sleep out, before you know it you invite the devil into your marriage.

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