DADDY SHOWKEY: I’ve not and would never support crime in my life

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VETERAN singer, Daddy Showkey has taken to his Instagram to correct the notion that he is in support of crime.

According to the singer, he has not and would never support crime.

“I appreciate the fact that a lot of people here came with divergent opinions, it’s very good and healthy for what I stand for but please don’t let us get it twisted,” said Daddy Showkey.

“I have not and would never support crime in my life, not for any reason whatsoever.”

Speaking on his background, Daddy Showkey said: “Remember, I am a thoroughbred (Ghetto Soldier) and a custodian of the TRUTH. My take simply remains that “The Way and manner that Young Boy was processed through his ordeals” raise eyebrow to other damning situations in our country but not a REASON for the new breeds to promote CRIMiNALiTY, ILLEGALITY, FRAUD and others! For ME, it’s A NO but let’s come together as a people and finds better measures to END these anomalies in our LAND

The above clarification follows his take during Naira Marley arraignment, when Daddy Showkey on social media wondered why corrupt politicians don’t get the kind of swift prosecution Naira Marley is getting.

His comment was mistaken by many as an open support for fraud.

Daddy Showkey who is featuring in the upcoming movie Seven, became popular for his genre of music known as galala in Ajegunle in the late 1990s.

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