DJ SJS: My dream was always to be a radio DJ

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Newskool Dj, Kpatogbe Saviour Delali, who is more known as DJ SJS, started deejaying in 2005. After winning several DJ competitions, he was recently made the official DJ at Cool FM. He speaks to ADENIYI ADEWOYIN on his journey. Excerpts


I am Kpatogbe Saviour Delali, born on May 24, in the mid 1990s, and professionally known as DJ SJS. I am an international disc jockey who is referred to as one of the pioneering new school Afrobeats DJs in Nigeria.

What prompted you to become a disk jockey?

I am a music lover with a huge passion for music, although I started out as a drummer.

How long have you been a DJ?

I actually have been deejaying since 2005, but took it as a career in 2009. That’s 10 years now.

How has the journey been since you started?

First of all, God deserves the glory for always coming through for me. My experience has been great thus far.

Why a DJ and not an artiste?

As a DJ, there are so many opportunities, and so many great things to achieve. Yeah, I would still want to be a DJ in my next life!

You’ve won a couple of DJ competitions on social media, how did you go about it?

My skills got me there, with the support of the “SoundOut with Dj SJS” lovers.

Having won DJ competitions on IG, what would you say it has added to your craft?

I would say it has helped in building my fan base and has taken me places, of which recently I was endorsed as an Ambassador for Premium Tasty Shawarma.

You also recently emerged as Cool FM’s official DJ through an online contest, tell us about it.

Competing with more than 200 DJs around Nigeria wasn’t an easy task, getting to the final was an achievement on its own. For me to emerge as the winner of the competition, I would say was by the grace of God.

How have you been coping with your new job at Cool Fm?

Great! I play every Fridays and Saturdays on the #PartyClubMix from 9pm to 1am. I have always wanted to be a radio DJ all my life; now, here it is! So, I would say, I am embracing my new job as a radio DJ with both decks, lol!

What has changed since you started playing at Cool FM?

I would say many things have changed lately. My fan base has changed. I have been rated higher than I used to be. I have been seen as a different personality.

As a DJ, how would you compare upcoming artistes and established ones?

There should be no comparing between them, they are all artistes. Grace, however, differentiates them.

How do you select which songs to play and at what period?

Ambiance, weather and mood of guests are some factors that determine my playlist, although I am a freestyle DJ.

How long did it take you to master your craft?

Five years in becoming a pro DJ.

You often refer to yourself as the Super Man DJ; why?

I am super on deck, and I am a man.

Tell us about your background…

We are six members in my family – I am the last, two senior sisters and one elder brother, plus our parents.

What are your aspirations?

Becoming one of the best DJ’s across the globe.

What stands you out as a DJ?

My individual musical identity of using Rnb , Hip-Hop , Pop , Afrobeat, Funky Urban House, featuring them in my own creative wheel sounds.

Do you think being a DJ is a lucrative job in Nigeria?

Yes of course, as long as one’s being creative every day.

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