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Dog and goat vie for honorary mayor of US town

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Lincoln the goat and Sammy the dog, have joined the race for the honorary mayor of Fair Heaven, a town in US state of Vermont.


The Town Manager’s Joe Gunter told newsmen that they created the pet mayor election to raise money to rehabilitate a community playground and to get kids civically involved.


Gunter said;


“In Fair Haven, just like everywhere else, voter participation is not always as high as we want it.”


The dog which is reportedly a K-9 German Shepherd which visits local schools daily with a resource officer, attends concerts in the park and is loved in the town, was nominated for the position by a police chief.


Dog and goat vie for honorary mayor of US town


The Nubian goat who won the election in 2019 is also in the race and it is speculated it could be a tight race as both animals are popular in the town.


Sharai Thayer, who has three kids in the town’s school said;


“We’re definitely look more forward to Sammy winning the race. The friendly canine sits at the school when the kids are going in and out and even goes through the halls.”


Dog and goat vie for honorary mayor of US town


Voters will be paying $1 to vote on the election day, March 3. The town needs $80,000 for the playground and it was learnt that they raised $200 from the election in 2019. A  GoFundMe page has been set up to raise more funds for the playground.




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