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ECCG Marks Second Anniversary, Celebrates Love Feast

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The Excellence Church of Christ Glory (ECCG) recently celebrated it’s second annual convention in a grand style with the theme, ‘Running With the vision’.

The celebration, which was in commemoration of the second year anniversary of the Lagos-based church, lasted for four days, featured great men of God.

In a conversation with THISDAY, the General Overseer of ECCG, Pastor Nnamdi Christopher Anammah, who revealed that the significance of the annual convention was a vision ordained by God two years ago to ensure the love of Christ, is celebrated annually.

He said: “There are 14 guidelines that the Lord gave us over two years ago and that’s what we have been running with. As you come into the church it has been hung on the wall and obvious to see. From onset, we intend to keep it and God has been so gracious in trying to guide us towards this particular vision.

“God has been gracing us with and through the Daily Meal prayer book. Wehave encountered over 50,000 testimonies and we are still trusting God for more through our ministry.

“We reach out every day through our social media platforms and we have able to reach to over 650,000 people across the country and beyond.

“By December, we are expecting getting close to a million. Building on that God has helped us to translate our Daily Meal prayer book into 12 different languages; Chinese, Portuguese, Indians Swahili, and also Nigerian languages like Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo.

“If you also see what is written there, the point has also been made that the daily meal is not only for the consumption of the church alone but also something that helps to build the body of Christ all over the world so everyone can relate to topics that bother them and with that everybody gets wiser every day.”

Speaking on the theme of the event ‘Running with the vision’, Anammah said the theme was a divine direction to preach the word of God on how Christians can see the pathway to the kingdom of God.

“It was just based on the direction of the Holy Spirit to make sure and to confirm that we are on the right path. For example, we would have been focusing on Lagos alone and foresee what’s happening. What the mandate God gave us is a global one; all we think about is actually on a global scheme. The next time we will be addressing people, we will be translating in other major languages because we want everyone to benefit from the word of God” he said.

While charging Christians to be good ambassador for Christ, the cleric also urged Christians to be steadfast in prayers for development of the country.

He noted it was important that pastors pray in unity so as seek for divine intervention on the country’s unstable economy and progress.

“To Nigerians I think we have to pray very seriously because the destiny of this nation is in the hands of the children of God. The Bible says clearly that if people who are called by my name humble themselves and pray and forsake their evil ways I will hear them from heaven and I will heal their land.”

“Nigeria is a blessed country and I hope soon we get things right. With what we are seeing now we might be talking about the failed generation but God forbid and I know the fathers of this country; the late Awolowo, Azikiwe and Tafawa Balewa, will be displeased to know the current state of the struggles Nigeria is going through. Above all, we need to stand for the truth” he said.

Meanwhile, one of the guests at the convention, Mrs. Blessing Okeke, testified that the convention was overwhelming. She attested the ministry has in one way the other impacted the lives of its members and community.


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