Enjoy your sex life with your partner with a difference packages..

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If u want a hard sex, go for slim guys…

If u want a quick sex, go for fat guys..

If u want a fat dick.. Go for short guys

If u want a long dick, go for guys that don’t have ass….

If u want hot sex, go for ugly guys

If u want it hard.. Go for dark guys…

If u want it to last.. Go for fair guys

If u want it rough go for smokers…

If u want to get tired of sex.. Go FOR drunkard…

Above all, if u want a good sex. Go for ugly short girls….

If u want best doggy, go for slim girls..

If u wants scissors style go for average fat girls..

To hit fat girls hard, put their legs on ur shoulder..

To hit the nectar.. Place pillow under her ass…

If she is tired, hang her on ur body….

If she has a wide front, leave one leg on the bed and hag one in ur palm.. Or bag from behind..

If is too tight. Go slow but place the both leg on the wall…

If u want to come quickly, let her ride u…

If u don’t want her to suffer u, hold her from whining….

Don’t use drugs for sex,

If u want to last, don’t think too much about how fresh she is…. Take away ur mind from the game, when u are about Comin… Start kissing and pump with care…..

Don’t sex without a word, fuck and tell her how sweet she is…

Don’t concentrate on the kondo… Smush when nacking…..🙈🙈🙈🙈🙊🙊


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