Female Deputy Mayor’s Nude Pictures Goes Viral After Being Leaked On Whatsapp

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A deputy Mayor’s nude photographs are circulating on social media after they were leaked through her political party WhatsApp group last week.

The Kariba Deputy Mayor Councillor in Zimbabwe, Farai Mageva, has got the residents demanding an apology after it was claimed that the photographs were meant for her lover.

Mageva confirmed the unfortunate incident saying she does not owe anyone an apology and the photographs were to show her relatives that her heart was swelling.

She denied reports that the photographs were destined for her unnamed alleged lover.

When reached for comment by local tabloid H-Metro, Mageva said:-

The photographs were of me and destined to a family group although they leaked into an MDC WhatsApp group.

I have been receiving calls from various people including journalists, but the truth is that the photographs were to show that my heart is swelling.

I visited my doctor who told me that it was an ECO and I saw nothing bad in informing and showing my relatives about such an illness.

As we speak I am not feeling well and many people are wishing me speedy recovery so I do not see the need to apologise to anyone in the community.

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