Filmmakers celebrate Tope Oshin @ 40

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FILMMAKER Tope Oshin who clocked 40 during the week recalled how she was celebrated by young filmmakers at the informal workshop held in giving back to celebrate her birthday.

“And then came the gifts and good cheer,” she said.

“Are these ladies just amazing or amazinggggg. Thank you all soooooo much!!!!!!.

“Life is made of beautiful moments such as this. Today I met with these amazing group of #femalefilmmakers of all levels of experience, in an informal workshop, giving back to celebrate my birthday.

“I am the blessed one to have their amazing energy all around and spending the whole day with them sharing and giving and laughing together. Especially excited and looking forward to the amazing stories that will come out of this amazing experience and meeting. I love you all!!!!

“Super thanks to the supporters of the workshop.”

Tope Oshin Ogun, a multiple award winning motion picture professional, studied Theatre Arts, T.V & Film Production from the Lagos State University, Nigeria, and then studied Filmmaking Techniques and Methodologies at Colorado Film School, USA.

Tope who describes herself as a “Filmmaker for Change”, owns Sunbow Productions Ltd, and consults for EbonyLife TV and Promocom Ventures, amongst others in Nigeria.


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