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Firm develops talent hunt App, unveils music contest

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SWYPATUNE has developed an app for the digitalization of musical talent hunt in the country to stem the lack of transparency associated with so many of such shows in the country.

The founders of the app also unveiled Swypatune digital music contest whereby music artistes can upload their songs from anywhere and a winner wins N10million and a record label.

Predicated on the idea of fair and equal opportunity for people to contest without requiring connection with individuals at the contest’s helms of affairs, contestants can participate by simply recording their songs and uploading it on the Swypatune software application from any location in the country.

The contest which will run for 10 weeks and is free of any charges will accept initial applications numbering 10,000 which will be reviewed down to 100 by a team of creative professionals before the songs are open to contest on the application.

The founders of the app are Peter Atorough, Effe Sacket-Barnes, Frank Fotso, Solomon Onu and Emeka Nkwogu.

Atorough said audiences will be able to vote the song of artistes that appeal to them simply by swiping right as like and swiping left as unlike on the app as the votes and the evaluation by judges will determine how far a contestant goes and will narrow the competing songs down to a final 10, from which the winner will emerge.

For every Swiphatune series, there will be a TV season to showcase the app’s highlight every week, he asserted.

“There are issues with many contests we have seen in the past because not everyone gets a fair chance to participate,” Atorough said speaking during the official presentation in Lekki, Lagos.

“If you don’t know somebody, it can be very challenging. We want to be able to solve that issue of needing to be connected to someone before you participate.

“If you live in different states other than Lagos, you have to fly all the way to participate and that is not enough. To address all these problems and make sure that it doesn’t cost you so much to get the chance to become a star, we have digitalised the way music artists are discovered. You can sit in the comfort of your room and sing into the application or upload your already produced song into the app and wait.”

Frank Fotso, another co-founder said the Swypatune will leverage mobile technology to help discover talents lacking the stage to express their skills. He said the platform has been designed a win-win opportunity for everyone participating, vendors inclusive.

Vendors can list products for free on the app; users who swipes to vote will gain swipe points which have monetary values that can be used to purchase services with partners-vendors in airlines, hoteling and cinemas.

“The biggest thing that has happened to Africa is mobile digital,” Fotso said.

“It has helped us to leapfrog a lot of the barriers and technological disconnect with the rest of the world. Nigerian artists have become the toast of the world. This is big for us and we are proud. We believe in the youth with this contest. We want it to be fair and transparent. As you swipe you see exactly where each contestant is.


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