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Firm Reiterates Commitment to Healthcare Awareness

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The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Sigma Pensions, Mr. Dave Uduanu said his organisation is committed to improving the lifestyle and healthcare of clients, staff and the public through creation of awareness.

He said regular exercise was crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including dieting and leading a stress free life.

Speaking at the third edition of the Sigma Walk-to-Live programme held in Abuja recently, he said they would continue to help people to become conscious of a healthy lifestyle.

Represented at the event by Executive Director, Operations, Sigma Pensions, Mr. Afolabi Afolayan, Uduanu said the company’s intervention would lead to a win-win situation for the organisation and its clients.

He said: “At the end of the day, if we have a healthy population and a healthy client, they will generally take a good work life which means they will be able to contribute even more to their retirement, which would then ensure they have a better balance in their portfolio. It will be a win-win situation.”

Evaluating the programme reception by the public, he said: “The turnout has been good and the responses from the clients have been very positive. They loved it because it brings together Sigma as a family of both clients and staff, and so this is a bonding session which has allowed us to know our clients even better and to be able to service them better.”

He added: Sigma Pensions is a 15-year old PFA and one of the most customer-centric PFAs. This is our third edition of Walk-to-Live and this is the second in Abuja and the whole essence is to encourage healthcare and healthy living.”

“Clearly, as the medical authorities have said, for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you have to look at exercising regularly, you have to look at your diet and live a stress free life.”


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