HALIM ABUBAKAR: Rapists should be given life imprisonment

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NOLLYWOOD actress, Halima Abubakar, sharing her opinion on the rate of rape cases recently said, people caught in such act should be sentenced to life imprisonment.

The actress wrote this on her Instagram on Wednesday. “The rate of rape in this generation is alarming all over the world .You don’t force anyone ,least of all on a child and sodomize the victims as well. Who raised you animals? What excuse do you have damaging a four –year- old? Any one caught should be sentenced to life imprisonment. I feel sad for the people who are scared to talk.”

The actress, who had gone through some challenges including health, also gave advice on the need to let go the past.

“You’ve spent enough energy on the past; that’s not taking you anywhere. Kiss the disappointment goodbye. You can’t embrace the new with old mind-set.”


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