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HEALTH UPDATE: Here are the 10 quality Signs You’re Eating Too Much Sugar…. By Dr~protocol

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High blood sugar also called hyperglycemia is a metabolic disorder or the condition in which too large amount of glucose moves in the body blood plasma. This is due to the intake of much sugar.

The 10 warning signs you’re eating too much sugar are:

1. Too much Thirsty

One of the symptoms is excessive thirst. This warning usually goes with repeated urination during the day. The extreme thirst you are feeling is due to the extra water withdrawn by the body from your blood and the recurrent trips you have to the bathroom. These dehydrate you and cause you to feel thirsty every time. You drink more liquid to replenish the water you lost.

2. Recurrent toilet trips.

If you think you have been visiting the bathroom more than the usual and it seems that you have been urinating the whole day, you may be a victim of diabetes. Excessive amounts of glucose in the blood make urination more numerous. Due to the absence of insulin, the kidneys may not able to filter the glucose. Because of these, kidneys pull additional water off your blood to reduce the glucose. This makes your bladder full always and causes frequent toilet trips.

3. Weight loss.

When you lose weight without even trying to go to the gym, probably you have one of the warning signs of high blood sugar. In this type, the pancreas discontinues producing insulin due to viral infection or the attack of cells producing insulin. Because the body needs a . of energy for cells that do not get glucose, it begins to tear down fat and muscle tissue for the energy ..

4. Increased Fatigue.

Fatigue is sometimes felt like a viral infection accompanied by weakness and fatigue and appetite loss. This is because the glucose that cells use for energy production is kept out of the cells because insulin is absent or the cell doesn’t respond to insulin anymore. This makes the cells in the bloodstream starved of energy. The effect of this is a weakness and a tired feeling.

5. Numbness.

Foot problems and blood sugar are linked since numbness of feet is a sign of diabetes. This symptom is called neuropathy. This is a gradual occurrence constant high levels of glucose harm your nervous system.

6. Blurred vision.

Even the tissues of the lenses of your eyes are victims of the pulling of fluid of elevated levels of blood sugar. This has an effect on your focusing abilities and vision. When sugar level drops, your eye problems should improve. However, diabetes poses a serious threat of blindness in some cases.

7. Skin Trouble.

A patient with poor glycemic control skin infection like Staphylococcal infections leading to boils, Carbuncles or Abscesses which are often recurrent. Genital and Oral candidiasis is also presenting feature of high blood sugar. Genital candidiasis in women leads to a thick white discharge and vaginal soreness. In men, it may result in severe Balanitis (infection of glans penis).

8. Slow healing of cuts and wounds.

High blood sugar level stiffens the arteries lowering their permeable. Thus reduces the ability of the body to acquire nutrients and oxygen to the wound. Nerve also damages. However, pain is a viable system through which your body conveys potential issues, for example cuts,a disease, calluses, and rankles. At the point when an individual has diabetes, his/her hazard for nerve harm increments. Along these lines, one may not understand that t. is an injury in any case because he/she can’t feel any pain and also it affects immunity sector causing trouble in infection-fighting. Researchers believe t. certain hormones which are produced when blood sugar levels are high. Thus affecting the immune system.

9. Irritability.

Diabetes is characterized by inadequate glucose supply to the brain and other organs, making the patient feel tired and short-tempered. A patient easily falls prey to urinary tract infection or bacterial or fungal infections of the skin. This occurs mainly due to a weakened immune system or suppression of immunity power.

10. Constant hunger.

It’s one thing to notice an increase in appetite at different intervals, but the feeling of consistent hunger can be cause for concern. In this case, glucose is denied entrance to body cells resulting in lack of energy in the body and t.fore asks for food from one time to another. If untreated, excessive hunger can lead to physical or mental health issues.

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