Heavy Down Pour Causes Flood In Agric, Isawo road, Ikorodu, Lagos, Vehicles Struggle To Remain Afloat

Agric Isawo flooding moment

Witnesses who were at the location said that motorists, tricycle and others mechanical machine are struggling to swim their cars through.

Meanwhile Afrikanbaze News reports that The Nigeria Hydrological Services Agency some weeks back had said that 380 Local Government Areas in 35 states  across the country would suffer from flooding this year.

Agric, Isawo road House under flooding.

But the Agency had also assured that  severity of flooding in 2019 will not be as bad as what we had last year.

Lagos state is one of the coastal states that is prone to flooding anytime there is heavy rain fall.


All people in Ikorodu area plead to Lagos State Government to help them in this situation.. The road that linking from Agric to Isawo is totally worst than before… God bless our able Governor and God bless Lagos State.

Agric Isawo road, ikorodu (photo)

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