Here are the three dangerous acholic you should avoid… By Dr~Protocol

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Drinking alcohol is among the vices you should avoid.  From a biological point of view, alcohol is associated with harmful benefits that have devastating consequences.

There are different types of alcohol and they vary in terms of tastes and ingredients. Most of them have dangerous chemicals as well.

These are some of the dangerous drinks you should avoid at all costs.

1. Liquor

Drinking liquor can do more harm than good to your body by marring the kidney, liver and the heart. This is due to the fact that it has more sugar content.

High sugar is associated with harmful effects and may increase the risks of heart attack and such. So, you should just shun this drink as quoted on the health site.

2. Beer

As much as you enjoy drinking beer, have it in mind that it is dangerous. It can damage your brain and increase the risks of other maladies like high blood pressure, diabetes among others.

3. Cocktails

Cocktails are also endowed with high sugar content. Some of the effects associated with this drink include obesity and diabetes. These two conditions are said to be caused by excessive consumption of cocktails.

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