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Hertitude, play on parental abuse, shows in Lagos

Last weekend, a story about women, acted and created by women, Hertitude, took a center stage at the National Arts Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos.

Set in a private night club, Hertitude focuses on three sisters who were raised by a single mother after their father left them at a tender age. One of the girls, Rume at 14 years old got pregnant for an unknown man.

Her mother maltreated and forced her to leave home. She later established herself as a club owner and a pimp but usually bemoans the emotional deprivation and mental abuse she suffered in the hands of her mother.

While her elder sister, Kesiena is the judgmental first-class graduate who chose to be a kept woman for her high society billionaire husband and Ogor who is the last born is Nollywood’s sweetheart with seemingly perfect work and marital life.

The musical drama will be staged again at the Cinema Hall 1 of National Theatre from December 25th, 28th, 29th to next year, January, 1st, 4th and 5th.

‘Hertitude’ which was staged by Kessavier Vanille Production is written and directed by the award-winning screenwriter, Kesiena Cindy Obue. The cast includes Jessica Gabriel (Kesiena), Maryann Ivy (Rume) and Martha Ehinome Orhiere (Ogor).

Obue hinted that the play is like a reflection of the society and it is like a mirror.

“It is not a feminism storyline but a drama centered on women’s role and their impact on shaping society,” she said.

“I decided to use women because I felt it will be an easier medium to tell the story. I made them sisters because the story tells about parental abuse which most people in the society don’t like to talk about and also the question of immorality which has been exemplified in the play.”

Though stage plays in Nigeria get little or no recognition, Obue is confident that her drama will revive the theatre culture again.

“The culture is still growing, though it was there before but it’s coming back,” she said.


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