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How fans reacted to Padita Agu’s marital confession

Following the video of actress Padita Agu some weeks ago on her failed marriage which went viral, fans are pressing the actress to give fuller details of her experience.

The actress in a series of new videos, asked that her followers be kind and endure the moment with her.

“The first video on how I married a man I met for the first time was supposed to be a simple video of me sharing my mistake and lessons learned,” she said.

“But it turned out touching lives worldwide, male and female alike who were, would have been and still are victims of same/similar circumstance. To know that my curse is now my blessing is indeed a surreal feeling. I am humbled and pray to remain so and go on bettering myself so I can be of better service to humanity”.

On the new uploads, she wrote: “Please and please, as you watch it, you may be tempted at some point to slap me for being such a fool, and at other points, you may be tempted to find him and choke him out. Please resist the temptation. It’s over; I’m just sharing for those still stuck in it to find a way out”.

She then concluded: “This is the concluding story, the how I got out. I couldn’t tell everything (major instances) in this video – too long. But I can’t wait to get over this story/phase and move on to other things. If you have a question, please feel free to ask me. Send questions to paditaspages@gmail.com , indicate if you want to remain anonymous or not, and I’ll read out the questions and answer them in the next video.Thank you for watching, for reaching out to me, for encouraging me, for telling me you love me. My shame for years, you all now make my blessing. Thank you.”

A fan, tessy_ije’s, wrote: “Trust me people will call you names but this is a big healing process for you my dear. Let them call whatever name they want to call. People just don’t understand things. You are doing this for you and not for them. And you know what?? When they leave those negative comment remove it. Don’t leave it there for others like them to come and comment under it. And please don’t let a negative comment pull you down. You are strong and beautiful and this video is changing life more than you can imagine. God bless you”.

Another fan, callme_abrantie, wrote: “First things first, I strongly believe that your friend who gave your number to him knew who he was but was just giving you out like a sheep =ØÜ in the midst of wolves ready to be devoured. I salute your courage. Some of us have learnt and started working on ourselves to be better husband in the future and for kids to look up to you. You did well by staying for those years with him. God bless you more as you heal better. When I tell people I follow correct and better celebrities they think I brag.”


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