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How to know when someone is crushing on you

Gone are the days when it’s only the guys that crushes on ladies.  These days, ladies also crush on guys. The only difference is that a lady, who is crushing on a guy, could stay crushing for years without making a move. Some will try for months to get the guy’s attention using different methods.

A guy, on the other hand, could make a move on a lady just few weeks of crushing on her. It is therefore essential that a guy makes a move on a lady when he notices that she’s crushing on him. Crushing on the opposite sex isn’t a crime. In fact, it begins from admiring someone’s physique, complexion, friendliness, caring lifestyle, handsomeness, beauty, dentition, endowment, etc. The crime is when you spend your entire time crushing without having the boldness to make a move. You can always seize the opportunity to make a move on your crush when you feel you’re really getting to love the person. In the same vein, you might notice that an opposite sex is always looking at you, checking on you, calling you, gushing over you, buying you gifts and what have you. All these are signs that the person is having a crush on you. After some times, if you notice the person is not bold enough to make a move on you, all you need to do is to remain more free and accommodating around the person. The reason why someone who is crushing on you, might delay in making a move on you, might be as a result of you not being free with them. So, they might feel ashamed if they are eventually turned down. So they prefer to remain in the crushing circle.

Here are sure ways to know someone is crushing on you

They checkup on you always: You notice a person checks you up always, a day can’t pass without him or her saying hello to you, either via call or text messages. This kind of person is a potential crush. If you think you like the person also, try to always reciprocate on days the person doesn’t call or text. This way, you’ll keep the crushing alive but if you don’t return phone calls or text or you ignore his or her call, you will only end up chase away a potential partner. * They borrow something from you: Sometimes a crush who you just met might want to strike continual communication, and might just look for something to borrow from you as an excuse to see you again. As a student in a lecture room, you might sit next to someone who has a crush on you, and after the lecture, the person will want to borrow your lecture note, just as a way of seeing you again. This happened to me personally in church. * They comment on all your social media posts: A crush might feel the best way to get your attention is by always commenting on your posts on social media, especially photos you post. Some will deliberately tell you they will use the photos as their wallpaper or save it on their phone. When you notice that someone is always commenting on every post you make, it is a sign someone is loving you secretly. They pay attention when you talk: You might have noticed how a particular person pays attention to you when you guys are having a conversation. Even when they have their phones with them, and someone is even trying to chat them up they rather pay full attention to you. They spend longer hours with you: They don’t rush to leave when they visit, they wish like staying with you for longer hours. Not because of your money but they just feel so relax while with you. This is because they’ll start missing you the very moment they leave your house. They make you notice their presence: This happens all the time. They sight you and immediately start trying to get your attention either by walking in front of you or coming to you to ask a question they probably know. Sometimes on a bus, a lady who admires a guy sitting next to her, might want to strike a conversation by asking where a particular bus-stop is or how much the transport fare is. It may also happen in places like church, school, workplace where you’ll notice someone who is continuously starring at you, this is just a way to get your attention. They feel shy when with you: It has been proven that someone who are really crushing on you might eventually get shy when they get to meet you. They feel nervous and might try to hide their feelings.  They buy you gifts: They see buying you things as a way of getting to you, they pay for stuffs you buy even without your knowledge.


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