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“I didn’t discharge inside her” 30-year-old man who raped 7-year-old girl, leaving her in critical condition, says in his defense

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A 30-year-old man accused of raping a 7-year-old girl and leaving her severely damaged has tried to defend himself by stating that he didn’t discharge inside his victim.


The 30-year-old alleged paedophile is accused of raping the 7-year-old girl on December 14, 2019, in Anambra state.


The injured girl was taken for a medical checkup and it revealed that her hymen was broken and her vagina was badly bruised. She was placed on medication and her abuser was arrested.


While being questioned, he confessed to the crime in a footage which has now been shared online. In the video, he is heard saying that he didn’t discharge in the girl. He admitted that he removed the girl’s underwear then placed her on his body. He also admitted to the police questioning him that he pulled down his boxers too. But he claims his male member was still erect when he realized what he was doing and stopped without discharging in the girl.


He is currently detained in Area Command Uga and will be charged to court tomorrow, January 16, 2020.


As for the victim, she is still suffering the effect of the sexual abuse she experienced. She is reportedly still discharging heavily from her vagina.


Efforts are being made by an NGO named Behind Bars to ensure the victim gets necessary medical treatment, Harrison Gwamnishu, the Director General of Behind Bars, reveals.



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