I’m very shy in a crowd – OAP, Lerin a.k.a Tiny Talker

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While many people make mistake co-host of “The Morning Drive” on Rhythm FM, Lagos, Lerin Nicodemus, aka Tiny Talker as an outgoing person, the OAP has revealed that she is an introvert.

In a recent chat with The Nation, she revealed that it surprised many people that she is a very quiet person in reality.

“It’s weird, I know, but I get very shy, especially in crowded places,” the accounting graduate stated.

“The only exceptions would be when I’m working or surrounded by friends. In those cases, I am a clown.”

Born in Bayelsa State, Lerin got her major breakthrough when she enrolled in Rhythm Voice Search 2017 in Lagos.

“When a friend of mine sent me a screenshot of the Rhythm Voice Search flier for aspiring presenters to send in their entries, I was reluctant at first because I held the opinion that most of these talent hunt competitions were not won by merit,” said Tiny Talker who got the nickname due to her small physique.

“But after much persuasion, I entered for the contest online and got an invitation to come for a live on-air audition and the rest is history.”

Explaining how she became an on-air personality, Lerin insisted that radio discovered her. She noted, “When Radio Nigeria opened a new branch in Yenegoa, Bayelsa, in 2013, I got a message from one of their freelance presenters on Facebook asking me to come to the studio and apply for an internship position. He felt I had the voice and could be great at this. Even though I was still in school, I decided to try it out for the fun of it. Also, I have always nursed the dream of being a presenter. However, I instantly fell in love with radio the moment I beheld the ambient of the live studio. It captured my fantasy.”


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