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IT IS VERY CLEAR THAT NIGERIANS HATE THEMSELVES NOT BUHARY Paris club consultants payment is evil and plan by some Nigerians who have chosen to conspire with thieves in other to swindle the country’s money. By Micheal Shote.

I don’t know when Nigerians will continue to hurt themselves all in the name of trying to enrich themselves with the money their supposed to put into good use to move the country forward . The Paris club consultants are thieves, we all know the extent of negativity the French have contributed to the development of Africa because of their dishonesty behavior and selfish interest, they just want to exploit any country that comes there way especially African countries.
look at how they have used all the francophone countries in Africa to there own selfish interest without even putting the intire populace into consideration.

In the the same way they tried to exploit the British main reason why The Uk back out of European Union, if not for the intervention of Mr Borris Johnson who French to know that the British have been civilized ever before all other EU countries, the French where on the verge of making the UK to be paying a huge sum forty billion pounds sterling annually.
Everybody should see that dealing with people or any consultant from that country is like making your country available for froudstares to defroud the Nation which Mr Malami and all is chohots are doing right now.

We can now see that President Muhammadu Buhary is not the problem of this country but the people surrounding him are the major problem even the oldest among them still want Steal from the county not minding the fact the grave is already calling. Does he need money in the grave? The president really mean well for Nigeria but a three can not make a forest, he can not be playing ministerial role, be the perm sec, or advice himself at the same time.
He needs people around him which he can not go outside the country to pick foreigners. But who the people available? They are looters who have been waiting for their own time to steal the country’s money and call it their share of National cake.
And this is the reason why I keep saying in most of my articles; Nigeria was not ripe for indipendent in 1960, Even up till now we are still not ripe for indipendent

Because a Nation can not be built with people who doesn’t even know what it means to be a leader but are only interested in building mansions and living the most expensive life style at the expense of their people.
And that is why they take every opportunities they see to make sure the majority of the masses are not civilized so that the people will not know most of their evil plan against the country.
I will advise Mr President to be very careful of this Paris club consultants and any of his cabinet members pushing for the payment of the Paris club money they are all froudstares and should be procecuted

Also the President was saying lately that Nigerians higher institutions are dishing out quality service interms of education which makes our graduates to be doing well abroad well, the point is some Nigerians graduates are doing well really but many of us including the president don’t know how many exams this graduates have to write and pass before they are able to practice on their chosen career abroad, not minding the number times they write a particular professional examination before they pass the examination

if our educational standard is at its best, Do you think Nigerians graduates should go through all of this before practicing their professions abroad,
I am not saying a professional exams should not be set for foreign graduates in any country since it is very important to make the intending graduates be intune to the system and professional terrain of that particular country.
But what percentage of Nigerians are writing and passing professional exams at once abroad, according to my experience I can tell you that out of hundred percent we can only bost of a percentage below average the rest of them write professional examination for like two to three times before they pass so can we now say our educational system is good with the above data? Do we need to lie to ourselves on this? When the key players in the Nigeria educational system are complaining of bad management. I don’t think it will be a good idea to be given ourselves false hope on this.
We all know that our educational system is part of many of the countrys system that is failing and needs proper attention from primary to tertiary.
I will advise the president to take a proper survey of all the systems and know where the problems lies and how to get them fixed. Instead of pretending everything is well with failing systems.


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