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The mention of the name “Adeyemi Tourist ” brings into focus a young Nigerian lad who is considered one of the fastest rising in the music industry. He is quite good at what he does thus making him one of the highly sought after music artists. He belongs to a clique of young musicians that are taking Nigerian music to the next level. In this category, we have the likes of Davido, Wizkid, among others. In this article, we will be looking at 10 facts about this great artist.

Adeyemi tourist whose full name is Adeyemi Ibrahim adeboye was born and raised in Epe, in the city of Lagos on the 15th of December . He is one the most promising coming music artists in Nigeria.

 One notable aspect about the music done by Adeyemi tourist is the unique paced style . This type of music genre is still in its early stages in Nigeria where a majority of the people prefer the high energy, fast-paced party popping jams. However, Adeyemi has managed to bring change by incorporating new skills into his gener music. He is very versatile as an artist and is able to easily blend different tunes and beats. Although he majorly sings in Yoruba, Nigerian slang, and Pidgin English, Adeyemi has produced a few tracks in English.

Adeyemi’s music does well to bring out a deep cultural aspect of Nigerian culture to anyone that listens to it. The music focuses on his background and upbringing and this makes it easy for many people to reflect on the music. People from the high life society, professionals, students, market traders, as well as ordinary well-meaning Nigerians appreciate the young man’s music.

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