Marrying an aged man is no crime

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Singer and entrepreneur, Annjay Chioma, who is popularly known as Annjay in the music circle, has been out of the radar for a while. In this interview with OLUWANDE DARE, the beautician said that female musicians who are financially buoyant cannot experience sexual harassment from men. She also speaks on her comeback plans and other issues. Excerpts…

What has Annjay been up to?

Annjay has been extremely busy working for the past few years now. I’m a full time entrepreneur and a singer. Annjay is into beauty products such as Brazilian virgin human hair, eyelashes, sunglasses  and many more. I have been doing this business for years now and I’m happy doing it,  although it’s quite challenging in terms of dollar exchange rates, custom duties but we keep going in the business with God on our side.

It seems you took a break from your singing career. When next are your fans hearing from you?

I have produced a lot of songs both in the present and in the past and still doing more. I’m not gonna quit music but gotta keep it flowing because of the passion I have for it and thank God for everything. My fans would hear me soon.

You ventured into fashion business, how has it been?

Yeah! It’s been good and challenging but thank God for everything. Fashion is part of me and I’m happy whenever I see our clients wearing Annjay brands. This gives me more courage to push and keep pushing. It’s not been easy but it’s worth it.

Recently, you reprimanded those criticising Regina Daniels. What’s your take on marriage to older men?

Marriage is a choice and age is just a number. If she decided to marry an aged man, it’s her choice and she is not the first and not gonna be the last. What about those who married younger boys and ended up divorcing them? What should we say about them? My own opinion is that if you find happiness in marrying an aged man, it’s cool, go ahead, as long as you are happy. Some of them criticizing her wish to be in her position and some dey go Dubai go use mouth collect shit for dollars. I have read that story several times on Asian blogs. If I like make I marry old man, na my palaver o.

Are you currently in a relationship?

Yes, I am and not going to talk about it because it’s part of my privacy. I don’t like talking about relationships on papers or flaunting it on social media. It’s part of my lifestyle and I like it that way and that doesn’t mean that I don’t love him or proud of him.

What kind of man would you settle with when the time comes?

I like God-fearing, intelligent , smart, young or older, ugly or handsome. All I need is a hard working person like me and I don’t care about heights. Even if I marry today I won’t publicize it.

What is the best part of your body?

Every part of my body is the best but I will say my slim stature and sexy eye balls.

It’s always not been easy for female entertainers to rise without being sexually harassed by men. Have you experienced that?

No! I have never experienced it because music is all about you. If you have something doing for a living that is generating funds for you, I don’t see why you should be sexually harassed. It’s those looking for free things that are sexually harassed. Everyone knows me as a workaholic. I started working as a journalist and making my own money from advertisement at age 16. I don’t look for free productions or free songwriters. And funny enough, the producers I work with are my big brother’s friends and also family friends.

You were a journalist before going into music. Was journalism not paying your bills anymore?

Journalism prepared me for everything I am today. It pays but the truth is that I have many other businesses I’m doing that’s helping music and pay bills. And I can no longer combine both careers together because my hands were full already for other things. So I stopped working as a journalist. Many people recognised me as a journalist in the industry. So my passion for journalism is intact if you ask me.

What should your fans expect from you musically?

They should expect more cool sounds and good music from me. I’m not done yet but taking my time to do things right musically. I’m not in a rush at all to release wack songs.

How do you combine your business with music?

I have staff working for me because I can’t do it alone but with grace of God I have been able to combine both and it worked out.

Why did you go into beauty and fashion product?

I went into beauty business because I like it and it’s part of my profession as a singer and a model. I have been doing this business before I went into journalism but not as big as its now. Annjay products are international now. We have our clients globally. The latest Annjay product is Cura Sunglasses. It is the best of its kind. Cura launched into the market few weeks ago.

What inspires you?

God and myself. My hard work inspires me a lot. I like beauty products too and I can spend my last kobo on it. As a teenager back then if I want to buy any beauty product and my money is not complete, I will go into instalment agreements with them. After payment, they hand over what I paid for to me.

Do you have a particular beauty routine?

Yes. I drink water every morning, eat a lot of fruits to keep my skin radiant and beautiful and I exercise regularly to keep fit.


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