Monarch seeks peaceful co-existence


The Ayangunren of Ikorodu, Oba Kabir Shotobi, has urged Nigerians to live in peace.

He spoke during Ramadan lecture organised by The Island Club in Lagos State.

He noted that peaceful co-existence among Nigerians would engender the development.

He identified poverty as one of the causes of insecurity and insurgency in the country.

“If the youths are engaged, the issue of insecurity and Insurgency will be a thing of the past because when people are engaged, they will not have time for such things,” he said.

He urged Nigerians to continue to pray for the leaders, adding “we must pray for our leaders in this month of Ramadan and even after. We must pray for good leadership, because with good leadership, we will get there as a nation.”

Chairman, The Island Club, Prince Phillip Abumere, said that the lessons of Ramadan should remain in all, even after the Ramadan month.

The National Secretary General, Zumuratul Islamiyyah Society, Nigeria, Mallam Qudus Balogun, urged Nigerians to shun the act of taking bribe and collecting interests.

He noted that shunning such acts is the major way to revive the economy.

According to him; “The solution to the current challenges of insecurity and insurgency is for the country to practise the Islamic financial system, which forbids the collection of interest and bribe.”

He admonished government, financial institutions and individuals to stop the practise if they want the nation to move forward.

“To ensure that we all practice this Islamic financial system, government officials at all levels, financial institutions and individuals must stop taking bribe and interests; Individuals that saves money in the bank should tell the banks not to put interest on their savings, no bank will force you to collect interest. Also, when someone borrows money from you, you should not collect interest on it because the money has been borrowed because the person does not have. You should collect exactly what you have borrowed because this is what Islam says and it is until we practise this financial system in Nigeria that the issue of insecurity and insurgency will be a thing of the past.

“Islam does not allow taking of interest, it is forbidden for all Muslims to take bribe or interest of any kind. But because of circumstance we find ourselves in Nigeria, if you have a cause to take interest , that interest must not be spent as your own personal money, it should be seen as money to be given to charity, it is not your money, it is Allah’s money. It can be used as your contribution to build a mosque.”

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