My Baby’s Tongue Tie….. By Dr~protocol

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Mary (by E mail)

My 6 month old baby has a tongue tie. Even though my doctor said I should leave it alone, my friends and relatives want me to cut it. Kindly advise.

Response By Dr~Protocol

Tongue-tie (ankyloglossia)  occurs  when the small stretch of tissue that connects the underside of a baby’s tongue to the bottom of the mouth might be too short and tight thus restricting the movement of the baby’s tongue.  For some babies, it’s not much of an issue. For others, it can lead to problems with breastfeeding and later affect eating and speaking. Babies with mild to moderate tongue-tie are likely to breastfeed successfully and usually require no treatment. However, those with difficulty with breastfeeding may need a simple surgery (frenotomy) to release the tie.


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