News Today :The judgment delivered against APC in Zamfara state by the supreme court is a fight back by the judiciary in Nigeria it is not a reflection of will of the people. – By Micheal shote.

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The judgment delivered against APC in Zamfara state by the supreme court is a fight back by the judiciary in Nigeria it is not a reflection of will of the people. Micheal shote.

If it was found that there as been no internal democracy within the APC in preparation to the 2019 election to field there candidates then the court can decide that another election should hold since the so called politicians are going to represent their people, then the right of the people of zamfara state should not be trampled upon by the court to impose a the opposition party to govern the people of the the state.

If incorruptible justice will be delivered then INEC should be given the task to conduct another election so that the choice of the people will reflect in the election. I see that for justice like this to be delivered to favour the opposition parties the embattled people in Judiciary arm the of Nigeria who have been facing various allegations of corruption right from the case of the suspended CJN are only trying to send a retaliatory signal to the executive arm of government that is been lead by the APC.

Most of this judges are unreliable, uncivilized, and corrupt they are trying to win Battle for the opposition PDP who are trying everything possible to seize the mantle of leadership in the National assembly.

Meanwhile it will not be good for Nigeria if all of this fake judges and SAN continue to mess up the Judicial arm of the government the election was already contested, Consensus candidates where produced by leadership of the party to contest the election and a court in the state ruled that INEC should include the consensus candidates for the election, election was conducted and won by the APC free and fear I don’t think there should be another case over the issue again Nigeria judges should be very careful with the kind of judgment they deliver because looking at the result of the election it will be an abuse on the right of the people of zamfara state to announce the PDP candidate as the winner of all the political office in the state and Federal level.

If we continue to harbour injustice in this country am afraid tomorrow the supreme court can rule that the APC did not win the presidential election despite having the majority sits in the Senate and house of rep the supreme
court can rule that PDP candidate be decleard the winner of 2019 election. Our judges are so corrupt to that extent, this are people that should be messengers of God to the Nation Nigeria by delivering justice but they have become the messengers of the devil by allowing injustice


At this junction the case should be left for the national Assembly to decide since the supreme court is not above the national Assembly and if not taken serious by the national Assembly then the presidency should look into the matter. And most of this Judges credentials should be screened to know if they really worth being in those sensitive positions.
Nigeria can not continue to allow injustice to prevail over justice.

I have to say this for the last time, that declaring the PDP as the winner of the election is very wrong, it is injustice if INEC as comply with the decision of the supreme court it is accepting injustice at the expens of justice it very wrong, so INEC should disregard that judgment it is not good at all
The right of the people to good governance should not be trampled upon.

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