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Nigeria Police Force Arrested Two Men For Homosexual Act In Kogi State

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Two men are currently cooling off in the net of the Nigeria Police Force, kogi State. The duo of Kabiru Usman, 41 and Tunde Sekoni, 23 were arrested by policemen after a tip-off from concern neighbours for allegedly partaking in homosexual activities which is illegal under the Nigerian constitution.
One eyes witness claimed that neighbours decided to call the police when they heard strange sound and usual moaning coming from Usman’s apartment at Lobon-Goma, Kogi State.

After their arrest, the two suspects were whisked away by the police for further questioning. During the interrogation, Tunde Sekoni, an indigene of Lagos state, confessed that it was his first time in the act and that he was lured into the act by Kabiru Usman after they both met in a bank two months earlier. He said they exchanged telephone numbers that day and subsequently became friends. At the time of his arrest, Tunde was a youth corp. member posted to Lokon-Goma Primary School for his mandatory youth service year.

In his own confession, Kabiru Usman, who hailed from Kaduna State, told the police that he has been in the act for a long time and confessed to have had sexual relationships with a number of men in the past.

He named three men, Ayo Basoga and Sherif Lawal both living Kaduna State and one Mr. Solomon who lives in Lagos as some of his previous sexual partners. He revealed to the police that he was introduced to homosexuality by Daniel Thambaya, his former boss, while he was working in Qatar. Kabiru Usman also mentioned Qasim Oderinde based in Qatar and Solomon Akija as some of his other homosexual acquaintances.
Presently, Kabiru Usman and Tunde Sekoni are awaiting the date for their court appearance while warrants for the arrest of other indicted individuals have been issued.


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