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Nikki Laoye speaks on being 39

Oyenike Laoye, known as Nikki Laoye, who will be turning 39 December 19, has expressed her joy, saying it is the evidence of pain turned into power.

The singer, songwriter, dancer, occasional actress and humanitarian, took to her Instagram to say that she is yet to get over the new age.

“Testimony Time, Swipe: In 18 days, this Fine Woman will be 39 sha. Her Joy = the evidence of pain turned into power,” she wrote.

“It’s been an interesting season of New phases, New businesses, New Me… Having to walk away to find myself, deciding what’s best for me and start all over again… Alone.  Had to step away from everything, from even church… I had to learn how to be Strong Alone… Alone with God.”

Having been through some challenges during the year, but without giving details, said she has been through the fire and the flood. “But I am “zankuing” out Smoking Hot, Soaked and Dripping in an avalanche of God’s Love for me. Oh DADDY Thank YOU for everything and more…”

Nikki who recently launched her beauty products Finewomanbynikkilaoye, radio show won the 2019 AGMMA UK Radio Program of Excellence of the year.

And in readiness for her birthday, she wrote: “39, Here I come… God definitely been making sure that I would not be a fool at 40 next year. Through it all… I never lost my joy. I never lost my faith. And I never lost my praise… Cos I will always be His Victorious Child even in the midst of trouble. Let that encourage and strengthen someone today as you enter this last month of 2019”.


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