No more naked pictures on my IG, says Uche Ogbodo

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Following mixed reaction of her birthday shoot, which saw actress Uche Ogbodo coming out nude to tell a little about her life story, the actress is back to say she is no longer posting more naked pictures.

She noted that for those who want to see the remaining of the naked poses, they are to follow the link on her Instagram bio.

She made this known while appreciating a painting of her by artiste presented as a birthday gift.

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“Oh!, I love this pure Art ! Plz tag the artist. No more naked pictures coming on my IG follow the link on my Bio to See the remaining naked Poses I did but couldn’t get a Chance to post… Thank you for an amazing birthday Gift.”

The actress also posted one of the pictures from the birthday shoot where she was seen smoking. However, someone had photoshopped the picture where she was sitting naked on a chair and put a blue ankara blouse to cover the exposed part.

The person that photoshopped the picture also captioned it thus: “Thanks to everyone who contributed. We have bought dress for her, collected the cigarette by force then cut the nails with cutlass”

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