Nutrition as your recipe for good health (1)

Human beings and animals derive their entire make-up (constituents of their body) from one source: all of our tissues, muscles, organs and so on, are derived from the earth. That is to say, what is found in us is also found on the earth that you stand on.

The make-up of the earth is also our make-up. Your table salt (sodium chloride), zinc, water (H2O), sulphur, ammonia, protein, fat, vitamins, nitrogen, oxygen and so forth that make up our tissues and body are all from the earth. This is why when a person dies, he or she simply split up into these different chemicals and return to the earth from where those chemicals came from originally. The cycle of earth replenishment continues and fertility of earth to feed earth inhabitants goes on as a result.

This is the reason that if the earth is polluted, our food, air and water get polluted; then our body gets polluted and then we fall ill as a result.  We then fall ill because we may have eaten the food that our body needs that is now polluted for us. If the air gets polluted, the air that we breathe in is polluted and our tissues and organs get “polluted” and we fall ill. The same thing goes for water, which is crucial for our survival.

There are various ways by which our food and water may be polluted: 1. (a) chemical pollution, which can be via insecticides such as organophosphates that farmers use to control pests; (b) it may also be industrial discharge from the factories and manufacturing houses that got discharged into the water ways, seas, lands and air; (c) chemical pollution may also come from transport such as air planes that discharge fuel and combustion products into the air. It may also be oil pollution into the sea by ships that sank or even the product of combustion in the course of ordinary transport. We should not forget the very common ones that pollute us by the day and nights: cars; (2) biological pollution, which may come from industrial activities, laboratories such as was the case in foot and mouth disease and avian flu; (3) pollution may also come from radiations from energy and industrial activities or even human negligence such as the case of Chernobyl nuclear accident.

Food and water pollution may arise due to direct human additives such as attempts to legally preserve food by means of different chemicals and biological agents that the governments have approved. On the other hand, if the food that we eat does not contain appropriate nutrients that we need, though it comes from the earth, we will become unwell and remain unwell until those chemicals are replaced in our body.

There are four areas in which our food may be a problem for us: (a) if we eat too small an amount at a given time or over time. Too little is not good enough; (b) if we eat too great an amount at a given time or over time. Excess is bad; (c) failure to eat the right thing or right components that we need such as vitamins or even water: those things that come from the earth; (d) if our food does not contain the right amount of what we need: As we know in elementary school, our food must contain the right balance that is appropriate for the individual. Right amount of protein, right vitamins, water, carbohydrate, trace elements like zinc, magnesium, iodine, calcium, salt, fat and so on.  Our body system requires all these to function properly and to generate the right amount of energy.

Fast foods are simply to be avoided as much as possible. They are what they are called: fast food that will help you to accumulate fat in perhaps the fastest way. The truth and reality is that this message may not be received by all. On some occasions such as family outings, or in case we are in dire need of food and we could not reach our favourite kitchen, we may indulge in fast food. The critical thing, however, is that it should not be a habit or a frequent replacement of our natural meals. If you have any question or clarification on this article, please contact me: Tel: 07087733114 or website:


  • Courtesy from Complete Guide to Your Health by OLUWANDE DARE 


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