Ohanaeze: Ndigbo should be ready for self-defence

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The Ohanaeze Ndigbo has called on Ndigbo to reactivate its local defence outfits in readiness against alleged threats by Miyetti Allah to invade the Southeast.

The group, in a communiqué by the President- General, Nnia Nwodo, said: “Ohanaeze Ndigbo has noted the assertion and denial of Miyetti Allah that the Southeast will soon boil. We are waiting for them.”

It directed Ndigbo to be vigilant and await “our next directives after consultations with our political and religious leaders, legislators, traditional rulers, town unions and affiliate organisations”.

The group frowned at “ongoing negotiations between the Federal Government and Miyetti Allah to give them a grant of N100 billion and queried: “Why these gun trotting militants are protected financially and insulated from criminal prosecution, while IPOB, an armless group of Igbo, is proscribed and categorised as dangerous to national security, bugs our imagination”.

Ohanaeze lamented that in the Southeast and Southwest, colossal ransoms are daily extorted from helpless citizens by kidnappers and many captives killed by the bandits.

The statement reads: “In the Southeast and Southwest, kidnappings reveal a huge network of armed herdsmen camped in various bushes and farms. Local reports in some areas point to helicopters sighted in these bushes dropping arms and ammunitions in some of these occupied areas.

“Several local and international mining companies have, without license, occupied parts of the north and engaged in continuous and inhibited illegal mining of Nigeria’s mineral resources, protected by local and foreign militia, and carting away and selling valuable mineral resources whose proceeds are undeclared in the national treasury, whereas oil deposits in the South are exploited and used for the benefit of the entire country.

“A Muslim militant group, with all the features and characteristics of ISIS, is invading parts of Northern Nigeria, capturing district heads, stealing and rampaging in various communities and forcing Nigerians in these areas to flee from their homes, in some cases, away to neighbouring countries.

“That in Kaduna and other parts of the Middle Belt, Miyetti Allah and their militant herdsmen have continued to kill, maim and destabilise Christian areas of these states with very little containment of these attackers by our national security forces.

“What is most annoying is that very few arrests, seizures of arms or prosecution have been made in all these instances by our national security forces. The impression is created that their activities have the encouragement, sanction or acquiescence of our national security forces. In the President’s home state Katsina, the District Head of Daura has been in captivity for 32 days.”

Ohanaeze concluded by re-emphasising that as long as the persisting situation subsists, the only solution is for the country to be restructured.

It directed its youth wing, women wing and affiliate organisations to desist from issuing any statement on the state of the nation as long as the tense security situation of the country lasts.

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