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Old video of Tyson Fury’s dad, John, predicting exactly how Fury will beat Wilder resurfaces…and he was spot on

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A video has resurfaced showing Tyson Fury’s dad, John Fury, a Heavyweight boxer during his own time, predicting exactly how his son will defeat Deontay Wilder in the MGM Grand Arena clash that happened on Sunday morning.

Old video of Tyson Fury

John Fury, a former Heavyweight boxer was unable to acquire a visa to travel to the United States to watch his son defeat Wilder following an 11-year prison sentence he received in 2011 after being found guilty of gouging out Oathie Sykes’ eye during a brawl at a car auction which left the 44-year-old half-blind.

John served four-and-a-half years of his sentence and was released in 2015 and ever since then hasn’t been granted a visa to go to the US, but in an interview last week predicted exactly how Fury will beat Wilder… and he was spot on…

John Fury who sat alongside boxing icon David Haye, in the BT Sports interview, said that his son could never lose against Wilder and that his son would knockout Wilder and wouldn’t have to depend on the judges to get a fair result.

John constantly blasted anyone who felt Tyson could lose and acted like a ‘bully’ in the conversation with the way he let his voice overlap every other analyst’s own in the conversation.

Fury also said Wilder has never really faced being punched severally before and will badly lose to his son who changed to a new coach for the fight.

John might be Tyson’s dad and is expected to back his son, but the manner of confidence and arrogance with which he used in predicting the victory is worth emulating.

Watch the video below.


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