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Oluwo and Queen Channel… What went wrong?

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Like a bolt out of the blue, the news hit the waves. It was via a terse statement from the palace.

The Oluwo of Iwo, a first class monarch in Osun State, Oba Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi, announced the separation from his Queen Channel.

He also disclaimed her, saying no one should do business with her on his behalf.

The monarch and his queen were known to be serious lovers. The monarch serenaded her always on the social media and anytime they were together.

The monarch’s spokesman, Ibrahim Alli, said on Sunday that Oba Akanvi separated from his wife due to “personal (and) irreconcilable differences.”

What could have happened to the marriage which many thought was made in heaven?

The two love birds met and god married in Canada before the Oba mounted the throne.

On September 4, the Oluwo took to his social media account to eulogise his wife: “Queen Channel left all the luxuries in Canada and relocated with me to Iwo in Nigeria, not every woman can do that. Queen Channel is indeed a blessing to me.

“Happy Birthday to you my Quintessential Queen… words cannot describe how you have supported and help me grow from strength to strength and glory to glory. You left all the comfort of Canada to be with me in a struggle and fight to make a better life for my people in service to a Nation that I believe in so much even if it is rough, tough and hard for them now … there is a big light at the end of the tunnel !! Thank you and may you reap and eats from the sweet fruits of your labour which will definitely be joyful and will bring a lasting happiness. Thank you very much my love”.

 Oba Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi and Queen Channel
…When the going was good

Barely three months after such an evocative comment, what could have transpired between then and now?

One of the issues at the heart of the matter is not unconnected with the bid by the Oba to marry more wives in line with tradition.

The queen frowned at it being someone from another clime. And she said so in an earlier comment.

She was quoted as saying: “I won’t be happy. I don’t think he wants to marry another wife. I will accept it (polygany) because it is part of the culture here. Although it is part of the culture here things are changing. Polygamy is giving way to monogamy in this modern time and I think it is a good one.”

The Oluwo had honoured her by placing a crown on her head. And when he was asked why he took that controversial decision, the monarch said: “What is strange in what has happened before me? I have said it that ignorance is one of our major problems. Even those you expected to have known unfortunately don’t know. There is nothing I do without a reason. I put a crown on the head of my wife to show honour to women. Our progenitor, Oduduwa, started it. He put a crown on the head of his wife Olokun as a mark of honour. Why should we erase that chapter of our history? I discovered it and brought it back.”

He added: “Was the wife of Oduduwa crowned by Oduduwa? If she was crowned by Oduduwa then, why don’t the present day kings allow their queens to wear crowns? If Oduduwa crowned his queen, then there is nothing wrong if the queens of today also wear crown like I do. There are historical facts as well as archaeological findings that confirm this…If our progenitor could crown his queen, why are we stopping queens from wearing crown now?”

Queen Channel was born in Toronto, Canada to a British mother and a Jamaican dad. She holds Canadian citizenship. She came to Nigeria with the Oluwo and gave birth to a son, Oduduwa two years ago. He is the only fruit of their relationship.


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