Omoni Oboli, crew stuck on Third mainland bridge


Nollywood actress Omoni Oboli who is currently shooting her new movie, Love is War, shared how she and her crew got stuck on the popular Third mainland bridge, Lagos, in the middle of the night while shooting.

The producer made it known around 3:06am that they were headed back home from set, but had a flat tire.

“Still stuck on 3rd mainland bridge. We had a flat tire (in short the tire is completely gone) but can’t change the tire because we need a special Lexus L and Key spanner. If you have, pls reach out. We are smack in the middle of 3rd mainland bridge. We have called Lagos State Emergency service and they said they’ll come but…

“Reach out if you have a towing can or can reach one,” she pleaded.

To put her fans at rest, the posted at about 7am on the current situation. Saying she was home.

“It’s around 7am and I’m home guys!!! Praise God! We got a towing van to just tow it to the dealership I use for services. I’m going to take a shower and head right back to set because we have a HUGE shoot day! I’ll try to steal naps in between set ups! I’m exhausted out of my mind but it’s what it is, the show must go on! Thank God for safety, thank you guys for the prayers and love.”

Love is War, which portrays the actress/producer as a lady politician had her revealing she is passionate about Nigeria and really wish she could serve politically.

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