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PDP reacts as Maiduguri residents boo Buhari over killings

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The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has reacted to viral videos in which Maiduguri residents were seen booing President Buhari after he arrived the state for a sympathy visit over recent Boko Haram attacks.


PDP in its statement said that the booing President Buhari got today shows loss of confidence in his administration.


The party also stated that it is a clear message to the Nigerian leader that citizens of the country hold him responsible for the escalated insecurity in the country.


The statement reads in full;


The@OfficialPDPNig charges President @MBuhari  to go beyond his sympathy visit to Borno state and take decisive steps to end the killings in that state and other parts of the country.

The booing of President@MBuhari in Borno state is a clear message to him that Nigerians hold him responsible for the escalated insecurity in the country.

It (booing) also shows a loss of confidence in the@MBuhari Presidency and the ruling@OfficialAPCNg

The @OfficialPDPNig demands that Mr. President should not limit his visit to Borno state but also visit other parts of the country, including Kaduna, Kano, Benue, Plateau, Yobe, Adamawa, Zamfara, Kogi, Niger, Taraba and other states to face the feelings of Nigerians as well as view the national devastation his poor handling of security and infrastructure has caused our nation.

The party hopes that the visit to Borno state, which came only after  the@OfficialPDPNig and Nigerians criticized Mr. President for his aloofness, particularly over the Auno killing on Sunday, is not part of the usual presidential media stunts that will not be followed with a corresponding action to track down killers and end terrorism.

The @OfficialPDPNig further charges Mr. President to endeavour to go on subsequent visits by road in order to see and feel the agony Nigerians are being subjected to with the parlous state of our road infrastructure and security network under the incompetent and unresponsive @MBuhari Presidency and @OfficialAPCNg

Our party holds that Nigerians do not deserve a distant President, who sits in the comfort of the Presidential villa and luxury jets, remaining indifferent to the pains, anguish and torments that compatriots suffer on daily basis.

The PDP hereby calls on Mr. President to quickly embark on these visits and monitor, on first hand basis, the damage which his administration has caused and for which Nigerians are demanding that he resigns and allow more competent hands to manage the affairs of our nation.

It is only after these visits that the @MBuhari Presidency will appreciate that those calling on him to rejig the nation’s security architecture mean well for our dear country.


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