Police threaten to deal with trouble-makers

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THE police said yesterday that any individual or groups that conduct themselves unlawfully would be dealt with decisively.

The Force spokesman, Frank Mba, a Deputy Commissioner (DCP) noted that the constitutional right to freedom of movement and to own properties in any part of the country by “all the citizens must be respected”.

He warned that the police would continue to protect, promote and defend these rights.

Mba said: “Every Nigerian citizen has the right to live in any part of Nigeria and to carry out his legitimate business or businesses in any part of the country as long as he continues to conduct himself within the ambit of the law.

“Therefore, no other citizen or group of citizens has the right to threaten or attempt to derogate the constitutional right of another citizen. The Nigeria Police will continue to protect, promote and defend the right of all citizens irrespective of tribe and religion.

“In addition, there will be consequences for any individual or group of individuals that attempt to derogate the right of other citizens through unlawful or unconstitutional means. Therefore, citizens are advised to ensure they conduct their affairs within the ambit of the law and desist from criminal acts.”

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