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AFTER spending 53 years in the entertainment industry, the late Chief Eddie Ugbomah (OON) planned a memory farewell, but death came calling rather too fast. Or could it be that the wheels bearing his desires were rather slow in sailing…

“I have done my best and I hand over the baton to the old, middle and young stakeholders,” he said at the wake of the story of his illness. The Chief had been ill for about eight weeks at the time, and had been moved from one hospital to another. ‘Slaughter house to slaughter house’, he described the hospitals, until he was later moved to Lagos University Teaching Hospital(LUTH).

He was said to suffering some nervous neck and head pain, affecting the functioning of the left ear and eye.

“At 78 it is not easy to bear such pain,” he said, heeding the advice to go for foreign medical treatment.

“To make matters worse, some of the drugs LUTH gave me are finished, and can’t be found from Badagry to Mile 2 pharmacies. Now to go abroad, cash of fifty million naira is involved and he I will be accompanied by a nurse,” he explained.

As huge as the bill was,

he said he had what it would take to raise the fund without cap in hand.

“I have an extra, unoccupied house for sale, I want to launch my autobiography that took me 25 years to write called Eddie by Eddie, I want to launch my 45minutes Video Documentary – THIS IS EDDIE. I have just transferred two of myclassic  films BLACK  PRESIDENT and  BLACK GOLD  both transferred from celluloid to HDV and DVD for Cinema House shows, then the 78 years lecture, exhibition and Induction of new members into the Movie and Music Hall of Fame.”

known for his bluntness, he said: “After contributing to the happiness, growth, educating and pioneering Cinema which we are all killing gradually, what do i get as support for the above other than the worthless OON and thirty seven different Life and professional Awards.

“With the above event and the support of the media houses, the shows to raise this fund will be easy. I don’t need to go cap in hand or on my expensive old knees. The illness has been on the social media and many  kind-hearted people in Nigeria and abroad have been sending prayers and some, their widow’s might which has been supporting the expensive drugs. We just don’tknow why we are callous people where thieving, heartless, tribalist are ruling this country, handing over from a thief to a thief.

“What makes matters worse is that the youths are no better now  as they have  been brought up by their  pen, agbada robbers. I thank God I have my own personal interlectual property I can offer the

public.  It  would  have  been  in  December  but  we  all  know  the  political  and murderous situation the country is.”

The chief had to wait until early April this year, for these special events which never happened.

The drugs and exercise were expected to keep him going.

He said he was getting in touch with his friends from the print and electronic media.

He said a 10-man Organising Committee was in full swing to make things work.

“I am ready to follow them to meet my friends, not Government full of their worthless cracked record of NO MONEY. It is now a general support to make these events happen.

“The books are ready, the films are ready, the documentary is in l post production stage.

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