Seven ways to win your mother-in-law’s heart

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What exactly is the fuss about mother in-laws?  Why do so many people have issues with them? Are they really the monsters people say they are?

The answer is simple. They are not. They are simply mothers; mothers who have to give out their children to another person.

It really is all about perception. Once you have the right perception, it will be a smooth ride with your mother in-law.

If you are lucky to have your mother-in-law on your side, you can be sure you are off to an enjoyable marital experience.

These are 7 easy ways to win your mother in-law’s heart:

  1. See her as your mother

This is the very first step to winning her over. Once you stop looking at her as the black monster out to steal your spouse, you tend to love her just as you would your mother.

  1. Get to know her

How do you love someone you do not know? Find out what she likes. Know her values , her best food, what gets her angry, etc. Do the necessary digging around.

  1. Act accordingly

Cook her that special meal she likes from time to time. Call her as you would someone you genuinely love. Avoid doing things that piss her off, make her know you have taken her as a mother.

  1. Do not overdo it

Overdoing everything has negative consequences. Overdoing your acts of love with you mother in-law might just turn into a case of familiarity breeds contempt. The key is maintaining a balance.

  1. Prove your love for her child

She needs to know that her child who she has nurtured for decades is in safe hands. Prove to her that you are the right partner for her child. This is where knowing her comes to play. If she is particular about healthy feeding, cook balanced diets for her child.

  1. Make sure her child fulfills parental responsibilities

This is very important. It will make her feel less like her child was stolen from her. Make sure financial and emotional needs are fulfilled. Emphasize seriously on this.

  1. Appreciate her:

Nothing softens the heart like a good dose of appreciation. Call her up one day and tell her how you appreciate how well she brought up her child, tell her how she has been a blessing to you and how you’d rather have no other as a mother in-law.

Follow these steps, and watch your mother in-law love you like her child.

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