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Six ways to save money this Christmas season

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Christmas is one of the biggest events in the year, but we all admit that it can be one of the most expensive and even stressful times of the year as well.

Don’t compromise your financial and saving goals just because it’s Christmas.

Here are tips for saving money and spending wisely this season.

· Set a budget

It is important to plan your spending this season. Weigh your financial situation, create a plan and most importantly, stick to that plan. It really doesn’t worth going into debt for.

Figure out your Christmas budget and save money this Christmas by sticking to your budget – no exceptions.

· Create a list and stick to it

Once your budget is set, you should create a list of who to buy a gift, what to buy and do not go beyond limit. You have to know that you can’t buy everyone a gift. You just have to intentional about who you gift something this season.

· Track Spending

Do not buy without documenting. It is very easy to go over budget by spending a few Naira on more things. Documenting your pending will help you track where your money goes and what you have left.

· Gift out unused items

Sometimes, we have really nice gift we never use but keep anyway. It wouldn’t be a wrong idea to pack these items and give them out this season. Just don’t give anything you wouldn’t be happy to receive as a gift.

· Give homemade gifts

You really don’t have to break the bank to please anyone this season. You can make snacks, Pancakes or even Zobo drink and share with loved ones. Always remember that the season is a time to share love.

· Do not join gift exchanges you don’t want to be in

It is common in our churches, offices and other gatherings to always bring up platforms for exchange of gifts this season. It is absolutely not a wrong idea, in fact, it is a beautiful one but the fact remains it is not by force. If you never planned for such, don’t be pressured to join. This is your money, save it and don’t waste it on gift exchanges you really don’t care about.

People know that Christmas is expensive and as long as you say “no” in a polite way, most people will understand.


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